Women in Kabul demonstrate veiled for the Taliban

Dozens of women demonstrated their support for the Taliban government at a demonstration in the Afghan capital of Kabul. They roamed the campus of a university on Saturday and then gathered in an auditorium, as seen in videos. The banners they carried read: “We are satisfied with the Islamic attitude and behavior of the mujahideen.” The women were veiled in black practically from head to toe.

The march was accompanied by Taliban security forces. Journalists were officially invited to cover the demonstration. After several protests this week in Kabul and other cities – against Pakistan and indirectly also against the rule of the Taliban – the Interior Ministry had banned demonstrations and declared that future protests would have to be registered in advance. Journalists who reported on the protests were arrested for several hours and severely ill-treated.

Many of the women in the demonstration at the university were veiled in a way that had never been seen in Afghanistan in previous years: they wore floor-length black robes and black hooded headgear. Their faces were also completely covered in black. Such a veiling is not part of the culture of Afghanistan, commented the former mayor of Maidan Shahr, Zarifa Ghafari, on the pictures on Twitter. One should not impose the culture of the Islamic State (IS) on the women of the country.


Women Kabul demonstrate veiled Taliban

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