Google shows “the real” Pixel 6 in the video

Google has shown the Pixel 6 several times in the past few days, although the last beta version of Android 12 appeared initially. However, this day was used as an opportunity to “hold the new smartphone in the camera” again. Now even in a video that shows the device from the front, from the side and, for the first time, in human hands. So we may see real hardware for the first time and not just graphics.

Google shows the Pixel 6 from several perspectives and in different colors

In the new video, however, there is nothing surprising to see. The new Android smartphone only has a few brief appearances in a few sequences. But Google is clearly concerned with pushing the new Pixel 6 further in the run-up to the presentation. The Google Tensor, the first proprietary processor platform for smartphones, should not be left unmentioned.

The rest of the video is more about Android 12, which will appear before the new smartphones and will roll out as an update to the previous year’s models. Recently, the possibility emerged that the Pixel 6 would then be launched with an even more recent Android 12.1.

And now you have a look at the short video from Google that we just talked about in the post:

Google Pixel 6 - For All You Are

Google continues to keep the presentation a secret

We expect the two new Pixel 6 smartphones in October. Google always speaks of “autumn” in very general terms and has not yet made a date official. Other new teasers, however, featured October 19, which insiders have already talked about. So as a precaution I would mark this day in the calendar.

Google shows the Pixel 6 again – and reveals the date?

Are you already hot for the Pixel 6 or does Google’s new smartphone leave you cold?

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