The Center votes by a large majority in favor of marriage for all

The Center votes by a large majority in favor of marriage for all
The Center votes by a large majority in favor of marriage for all

The Center clearly says yes to “marriage for all” and rejects the so-called “99%” initiative. Delegates set the slogans for the federal votes on September 26 on Saturday.

By a large majority, the 230 delegates agreed that it was time to open up marriage to same-sex couples. With three votes, they rejected on the other hand the initiative “99%” of the Young Socialists, which wants to impose more the capital.

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The SVP “abused August 1” to divide

In front of the delegates of his party gathered in Zug, capital of his canton, the president of the Center Gerhard Pfister defended the extension of the Covid certificate which “brings more freedoms to our society”. Opposed to this measure, the SVP “once again divides our society by stoking discontent”, he denounced. “It’s irresponsible,” he commented while defending the Covid-19 law submitted to the people on November 28.

The national adviser also denounced the speech and the projects of the SVP against the big cities ruled by pink-green majorities. The UDC has unscrupulously abused the National Day, a symbol of our national freedom and solidarity, to divide the country and mount the campaign against the city, he lamented.

we are committed to cohesion

Gerhard Pfister did not spare the Young Socialists either. Through their “class struggle” initiative, submitted to the people on September 26, “they are trying to divide society,” he believes. Faced with the parties “which want to divide our country for the sole benefit of their ideology and their political profile, and for solidarity in Switzerland”, underlined the president of the Center. The Zougois evoked his party’s initiative to control health costs and his desire to find “balanced solutions” for the future of pensions and for the climate. He called on the PLR ​​to join the Center in these areas.

In electoral terms, Gerhard Pfister recalled his party’s ambition to progress nationally in the federal elections of 2023.


Center votes large majority favor marriage

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