NBA 2K22 gameplay current-gen: Guided Tour of the Quarry Boat

Major difference between current-gen and next-gen versions on NBA 2K22, career mode has a whole new look this season. Exit the neighborhood, it is now on a cruise ship that the player challenges his opponents in playgrounds, or buys his clothes in store on PS4, Xbox One or PC. We take you around the owner in video.

On current-gen (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), the My Career multiplayer mode is back, but this time, players no longer operate in a small neighborhood, but on a cruise ship called “Concha del Mar”. This one is for the moment in the Caribbean and will travel in the future to other exotic places (Egypt, Iceland …) over the seasons.

This boat is divided into five floors (decks 4, 8, 14, 15, 16) that we present to you in this video. Level 4, the lowest, corresponds to lobby with shops and Rec Center (to make 5 against 5 with NBA rules with and against strangers). On level 8 there is the player’s field, the team’s training ground and the Pro-Am room. Level 14 contains the Ante-Up to make matches with the rules of the playground (basketball-street) with money bet and the game room (with the wheel of luck and mini-games).

Level 15 is arguably the most important for Career Mode buffs with all 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2 courts (6 each per server) and the Gatorade Personal Exercise Room. Finally, level 16 includes a 5 vs 5 playground version and a zip line that takes you to “The cages” fields with trampolines to access the baskets.

NBA 2K22 current-gen version was released on September 10 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The next-gen version released on the same day for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series does not have exactly the same content and is therefore considered a different game.

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NBA #2K22 gameplay currentgen Guided Tour Quarry Boat

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