Bundestag election: Scholz for majority decisions in the EU

Bundestag election SPD candidate for chancellor

End of the blockades – Scholz for majority decisions in the EU

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SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Source: Martin UK Lengemann / WELT

In an interview with WELT, the SPD candidate for chancellor reveals his foreign policy plans – such as how the European Union should become more capable of acting on key issues. Scholz wants to facilitate arms cooperation with France. And has a promise for the future of the Bundeswehr.

Dhe SPD’s candidate for chancellor, Olaf Scholz, has spoken out in favor of increased cooperation in the EU. In an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG, Scholz said: “We cannot stand on the sidelines with half-interest and make bad-tempered comments on current events. It is our job to actively make the EU better. And that works best on the side of France. ”Scholz suggests“ working together much more closely than before ”.

In future, decisions on European financial and foreign policy should be made by qualified majority “instead of unanimously blocking each other”. “The aim is for Europe to speak with one voice and find common answers in foreign policy, trade policy and also, for example, on questions of displacement and migration.”

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Scholz also spoke out in favor of facilitating arms cooperation with France. “We need a corridor in which we can reach consensus on such decisions with our European partners on armaments projects. Perhaps a kind of ‘Wise Persons Group’ could develop a comment on specific arms export decisions. “

So far, the German reservations about armaments cooperation in Paris repeatedly caused displeasure.

Scholz also stated that he would only make a decision on the nuclear participation of the Federal Republic in NATO in consensus with the allies. The green top candidate Annalena Baerbock had announced that it would end German participation in the event of an election victory.

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Scholz reiterated his commitment to the Atlantic defense alliance: “NATO will continue to be of the utmost importance to us in the future. We need the close partnership with the United States. In today’s world we will only be able to protect democracy together, ”said Scholz.

He also defended the armament of the Bundeswehr during this legislative period. “It is good for the Bundeswehr that the bad times are over,” he said. In the past four years, the black-red federal government would have achieved an increase of 36 percent for the Bundeswehr. “This is something that I believe is right out of the deepest conviction.” Scholz added: “The Bundeswehr must be well equipped. I will also be responsible for this in the future. “

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Bundestag election Scholz majority decisions

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