Roche: the heirs want to keep their majority

Roche: the heirs want to keep their majority
Roche: the heirs want to keep their majority

Founded 125 years ago, Roche will still remain in family hands. André Hoffmann and Jörg Duschmalé, their representatives on the board of directors, reiterated their commitment to retain a majority of the dividend-right certificates and the related voting rights.

The Artuma Holding vehicle holds 45.01% of the shares on behalf of fifteen heirs, while Maja Oeri has 5.057% in her own name. The competitor Novartis has, since the end of 2007, a share of 33.33% which has ‘no influence’ on the strategy of Roche, said Friday André Hoffmann.

The two directors also took advantage of the event to confirm that they had welcomed ‘with interest’ a recent shareholding offer put forward by the Japanese conglomerate Softbank. “We are delighted to see that Roche is clearly seen as an attractive investment opportunity,” said André Hoffmann.

‘We have a majority and we do not sell’ summed up the great-grandson of Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche.

In early August, the Rhine pharmaceutical giant refused to comment on press reports presenting Softbank as a new reference shareholder, with an injection of five billion dollars.



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