Balma. A cycling tour of France against litter

He began his tour of France by bike on June 5 from Nantes. 7,200 km at the force of the calves for a return to Nantes scheduled for Saturday 25 September. This is the challenge taken up by François Pourchasse, who was already at a distance of 5,745 km, this Saturday, when it was time to stop at Balma. A tour of France to deliver an ecological message, hunting down wild litter and, in particular, protective masks. On his two-wheeler, this 21-year-old student in engineering school carries 51 kg of camping equipment and clothing, but also a garbage bag bulging with nearly a thousand used surgical masks collected on his route. “There’s a lot of it,” he sighs. “The ones I have time to collect aren’t even a tenth of what I see. And there’s all kinds of rubbish on the side of the roads! sometimes to reconstitute the menu of those who throw away the waste of their meal! ”

To the National Assembly

In the evening near his tent, the eyes are often benevolent. “People are intrigued and ask me questions, he continues. Some take me to eat or invite me to sleep at their place.” And it is better to be a handyman when starting such an expedition. “From the start, I had to change the chain, the two derailleurs and the wheel.” Ambassador of the “World cleanup day” collective in his town of Carquefou, north-east of Nantes, François will then present his results to the National Assembly. “Several deputies have asked me to come and present to them the potential solutions that I would have to create a national sector for the recovery of masks,” he explains.

September 18

On Saturday, in front of the town hall, a small group was waiting for François: Marie Tourbillon, Bertrand Sautereau and Sophie Cheruy, Balman ambassadors for the “World cleanup day”, but also Cathy Sanchez (ambassador Occitanie), Aline Albert (ambassador 31), Thomas Rodsphon, elected from Balma, delegate to circular economies, and several members of the collective. Because François does not forget the date of Saturday, September 18: the day of the “World cleanup day” (see box), great cleaning of the planet, where everyone can help to clean up public space.


Balma cycling tour France litter

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