The draft of the Friborg climate law in consultation –

The draft of the Friborg climate law in consultation –
The draft of the Friborg climate law in consultation –

The canton of Friborg is innovating in terms of climate. It puts the preliminary draft of the first cantonal climate law for consultation. The text makes it compulsory to take climate issues into account in the activities of the State.

The canton of Friborg is continuing “its ambitious climate policy,” President of the Council of State Jean-François Steiert said in Freiburg on Wednesday, speaking with his colleagues Didier Castella (agriculture) and Olivier Curty (economy). The executive adopted its Cantonal Climate Plan (PCC) in June, recalled the Minister of the Environment.

“We are starting to achieve things before having completed all the debates of principle”, explained Jean-François Steiert, just to give a long-term basis. the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Experts (IPCC), published a month ago, has given a new alarm signal, described the president of the government.

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Binding elements

L’draft climate law (LClim) aims to frame and strengthen the canton’s climate policy. The document also allows the implementation of the motion “Legal basis for the climate and the environment” voted by the Grand Council in June 2020. Jean-François Steiert spoke about renaturation and biodiversity.

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The LClim acts as a coordination instrument to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the PCC and the entire climate strategy of the canton. For the first time in Friborg, a specific legal basis gives legal legitimacy to the protection of the climate required by the urgency of the situation.

The preliminary draft is intended to complement the existing legal framework. He proposes to make elements of the Friborg climate strategy binding. The text clearly sets the cantonal objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.

Permanent mission

The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030, achieve zero net emissions by 2050, according to the national objective, and increase the territory’s resilience in the face of climatic changes. The development and implementation of the PCC suddenly becomes a permanent mission of the Council of State.

The text makes it compulsory to integrate climate issues into the tasks and activities of the State. Financial support and collaboration between the State, municipalities, businesses and citizens are specified therein. “Everyone must act at their own level, small steps to ultimately achieve giant steps,” said Didier Castella.

Beyond that, the canton wants to contribute to the international and national effort to make financial flows compatible with climate objectives. The participation of all stakeholders in society is essential and encouraged. “Financial support will be offered to the most active,” said Olivier Curty.

First measurements

The municipalities are directly affected by the effects of climate change, both the territory and the population. “It is essential that they engage alongside the State,” insisted Didier Castella. The executive will also periodically submit a commitment appropriation to the Grand Council to finance measures.

The cantonal legislature will also address the subject on Friday. The deputies are called to vote or not a credit of 21 million francs to implement the CCP between 2022 and 2026. They will also have to vote on a popular motion of the climate strikers asking to invest 500 million, taken in the fortune cantonal.

The consultation of the draft climate law lasts until December 10.

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