ÖVP brought Design-Center Linz “to a boil”

ÖVP brought Design-Center Linz “to a boil”
ÖVP brought Design-Center Linz “to a boil”

He then comes to the lectern, fortified with a pack of men’s slices that his children gave him beforehand.

“We always tried hard. We don’t like to grumble, we don’t whine. We work out what we need. This is what makes us shine in Upper Austria, ”says Stelzer. Upper Austria is not the land of opera balls and big champagne receptions, “but we are the land of hammers”. He claims that MAN will be preserved in Steyr for the ÖVP.

“Do not need top parting”

If the pandemic was not mentioned in the election campaign to date, Stelzer now clearly says: “With the vaccination, we can bring the virus to its knees.” There will no longer be a lockdown. “He who takes responsibility must not be stupid.”

The issue of climate protection is being turned away from the Greens. “Our compatriots do not need an Oberg’scheitln.” You need a climate policy with common sense. On the subject of migration, Stelzer makes it clear: “Anyone who does not want to show solidarity with our society, we will not show solidarity with either.”

He also went into the current government partner, the FPÖ: “So far it was an Upper Austrian FPÖ and we will look very carefully whether it prevails against Kickl.” All FPÖ voters who had enough of Ibiza, Strache and Kickl, the ÖVP could offer security.


ÖVP brought DesignCenter Linz boil

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