Hong Kong – Three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists prosecuted

Hong Kong – Three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists prosecuted
Hong Kong – Three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists prosecuted

Three Hong Kong pro-democracy activists prosecuted

Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho, Chow Hang-tung, all members of the Alliance association of Hong Kong, are being prosecuted for “inciting subversion”.

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The three main officials of the association organizing the annual vigil in Hong Kong in memory of the Tiananmen repression in 1989 were prosecuted for “inciting subversion”, a few hours after the search of a museum dedicated to this historic event.

Police presented charges of “inciting subversion” now hanging over the Hong Kong Alliance as an organization, its president Lee Cheuk-yan, its vice president Albert Ho – both pro-democracy activists longtime now in prison – and his vice president Chow Hang-tung, arrested on Wednesday.

Thursday afternoon, the police responsible for applying the drastic national security law searched the June 4 museum dedicated to the Tiananmen crackdown in 1989, managed by the Hong Kong Alliance and which had was forced by the authorities to close its doors in June.

In the crosshairs

In the afternoon, the police took out various objects that were on display in the museum, including its logo, a paper model of the Goddess of Democracy – a symbol of the 1989 student movement in Beijing – as well as photos of the vigils. annuals organized by the Hong Kong Alliance. Some 36 boxes were loaded onto a truck.

This association is in the crosshairs of the authorities responsible for applying the national security law imposed last year by Beijing on Hong Kong to eliminate all opposition after the huge pro-democracy protests of 2019.

This search comes the day after the arrest and detention of Chow Hang-tung, lawyer and vice-president of the Alliance, and three of its members, for failing to provide information related to the law on national security. Police last month ordered the Alliance to hand over financial and operational information, accusing him of being a “foreign agent”.

Illegal and arbitrary request

The association chose to ignore this request, which included personal details of all its members since its founding in 1989, all meeting minutes and financial reports, as well as all exchanges with NGOs defending democracy and of human rights in China.

On Tuesday, the deadline for responding to these requests, Alliance members delivered a letter explaining that the request was illegal and arbitrary and that no evidence of a breach had been presented. As police raided the museum on Thursday, 12 pro-democracy activists appeared in another case.

Among them, Albert Ho who pleaded guilty to having participated in an unauthorized gathering during the vigil of June 4, 2020, the first prohibited by the authorities since 1990. He rejected the accusation that members of the association are foreign agents, claiming that the Alliance is made up of Hong Kong democratic associations supporting pro-democracy protesters in Beijing.

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Posted today at 03:06

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