we were backstage at the premiere

we were backstage at the premiere
we were backstage at the premiere

Two weeks after the hesitant beginnings of “Télématin”, France 2 unveiled Monday the new version of another broadcast live from its schedule of back-to-school programs: “La maison des Maternelles”.

The favorite show of parents, previously broadcast on France 5 then France 4 and still presented by Agathe Lecaron, lands on the eldest of the France Télévisions family. “A sign of maturity after 20 years of issuance”, according to its producer Jérôme Caza. We were behind the scenes of this great premiere.

New plateau, new schedule

First novelty: the decor. It is just 9 o’clock and the team of “La maison des Maternelles” is already busy on its new set, shared with “Le magazine de la santé” and installed in the Pierre Sabbagh studio of France Télévisions.

“Yesterday, I was voiceless”

A few minutes away from taking the antenna after “Télématin”, a first difficulty: Agathe Lecaron has only one voice but reassures the whole team: “It’s going to be fine, it’s better than yesterday , I was voiceless. “

The stress, on the other hand, is much more palpable in management. The last adjustments are made within five minutes of the launch while the camera pointed at Agathe Lecaron is not straight enough for the seasoned eye of the director. Thomas Sotto and Julie Vignali must launch a duplex towards “Les Maternelles” at the end of “Télématin” to announce the program. Objective: to keep viewers.

Télématin finally ends with a few minutes late – 9.28am instead of 9.25am – you have to continue without advertising breaks. It is the excitement, the instructions fuse and gradually silence settles as the credits start on the plateau.

In control, the eye on the watch

For this premiere, the team returns to two essential summer topics. Benjamin Muller evokes the extension of paternity leave while Yasmine Oughlis deciphers the Pop It phenomenon.

In control, we stay focused: “Be careful, we are already 2 minutes late.” ; “At 36, we have to start“ Eye to eye. ”This testimony sequence, now daily, was this time devoted to Deborah’s miraculous pregnancy after a uterus transplant.

Questions and answers follow with Prof. Ayoubi who accompanied Deborah throughout her pregnancy. On the technical side, we remain attentive to details: “The drop-down for the call for questions please.” “Was there a sound cut?” Asks Jérôme Caza. “No, he’s the one who hesitates,” someone answers. The teams also keep an eye on the clock: “There is 1 minute 30”. We must chain the questions: “After, we are on Benjamin, the [caméra] 7 you must be on Benjamin. “

The timing is tight, we must return the antenna for a mini-cut. “A very small break and then obviously Love glory and beauty, it’s just after, if you miss Brooke and the Logans, ”announces Agathe Lecaron.

A second more “practical” part

The show resumes almost immediately at 9.55am for a second part subtitled “At your service!” and opens with the coaching column. On Monday, midwife Anna Roy is in the service and she is raising awareness of the perineum today. The very popular Marie Perarnau will be present on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The columnist’s chair will also be occupied by the well-being coach Karim N’Gosso and the pediatrician from Strasbourg Arnault Pserdorff respectively on Wednesday and Friday.

In control, the pressure goes down. “We’re 1 minute early.” “Miracle!” Exclaims Fabienne Barollier, deputy director of the magazines of France Télévisions.

A last part on france.tv: a format too short?

“So dear viewers, now it’s simple you have the choice: either you join the whole family of Love, Glory and Beauty, or you want to stay with us and in this case, it’s very simple: you switch to Internet, on france.tv, whether with your phone, tablet, or computer, you can even scan the QR code that appears at the bottom of your screen or you go to your browser and type france.tv, we’ll be back in 2 seconds. “

Not that simple, despite Agathe Lecaron’s explanations … At least not for all viewers. The show is in fact broadcast simultaneously on both channels from 9:25 am but after 10:10 am, “La maison des Maternelles” returns the antenna of France 2 to “Love, glory and beauty”. To watch the show in its entirety, you have to go to France.tv or watch from the start via this medium.

In control, we must also get used to this switch. For this premiere, a white screen was broadcast between the end credits of the program broadcast on France 2 and the part that continues on France.tv. “Not as long, we don’t need it”, tempers Jérôme Caza. Obviously, this transition should disappear in the coming days.

This technical pirouette will have to convince viewers. They were numerous at the end of Monday’s broadcast to deplore a format that was too short.

“La maison des Maternelles”, a program presented by Agathe Lecaron, from Monday to Friday at 9:25 am on France 2 and france.tv


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