France-Finland: after five consecutive draws, it is the moment of truth for the Blues

France-Finland: after five consecutive draws, it is the moment of truth for the Blues
France-Finland: after five consecutive draws, it is the moment of truth for the Blues

If this Deschamps version of the French team was born one evening in November 2013 thanks to a return jump-off against Ukraine, it acquired its tactical maturity three years later at Groupama Stadium in Lyon. It was there, in the round of 16 of Euro 2016 against Eire (2-1 victory), after a completely failed first period, that the famous 4-4-2 was born with Griezmann in an axial position at the support from the forward attacker. A device that will serve as a basis for their success in the World Cup.

This Tuesday evening, against Finland (8:45 p.m., on TF 1), the Blues return to Lyon for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers – they had spent the time of a friendly against the United States (1-1) in 2018 – with the ambition to put your head back to the right place and incidentally to (re) find benchmarks after a failed Euro. Since the European Championship, they have been going through systems without finding the martingale. Hugo Lloris has made no secret of the doubt that inhabits this collective after a series of disappointing results symbolized by these five consecutive draws.

“I will do everything to reverse this trend”

And, this Monday, his speech had overtones of frankness and remobilization. “I think there is a lack of confidence, it’s obvious, agreed the French captain. We had a halt to the Euro, this elimination hurt us. Are we healed? Apparently no, but now is not the time to let go. We must move forward on the accounting plan, and regain confidence, because we do not want to experience a month of November even more under pressure than today ”.

Last Saturday in Ukraine (1-1), DD started with a 4-3-3 device before evolving to a 4-4-2 which, whatever one says, looks like what best corresponds to this formation. We will see what the double world champion has in store for us this Tuesday evening, but it would be good if his team had their ideas clear once and for all. History to finally reconnect with victory. This is not essential – the Blues will remain first in their group regardless of the result against Finland – but it is essential to regain (a little) confidence and to project with certainty towards the semi-final of the League. nations against Belgium, next month in Turin.

Yes, we know, we will be told repeatedly that the tactical scheme is not everything. That the intensity, the movements, the aggressiveness, are just as important. This is all that the Blues lacked last Saturday in the first period in Ukraine. But we cannot be tossed around endlessly, from one scheme to another, without paying the price. On this subject, should we continue the experience with Griezmann on the right? In the same way, Benzema, who is making his return to the city that saw him hatch at the highest level, should he invest more consistently in the opposing surface?

Faced with Bosnia, it is an area where it has been sorely lacking. Didier Deschamps will have to make these adjustments, decide, and this is one of the most stimulating aspects of his job as a coach. “It’s a period with less success with opposing elements, in these cases I redouble my energy, determination, insisted the boss of the Blues. I will do everything to reverse this trend ”. It’s time.


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