Blizzard has little choice but to bring Overwatch 2 into OWL 2022 •

An early version of Overwatch 2 will be used by Blizzard in the upcoming Overwatch League in April 2022. That was confirmed by an official spokesman for the studio. It took something like a start date really slowly, I think.

The Overwatch clock is ticking, Blizzard!

Overwatch 2 is taking a lot of time with the release, almost too much. It’s been over two years since the title was announced, and it will be at least three when it is released. If the title were actually still relevant for esports, I could understand that Blizzard takes a little more time, but unfortunately the last grains trickle down into the Overwatch hourglass.

In a previous post, I’ve already shown at length how Overwatch is slowly dying from falling Twitch numbers. If a special event is not taking place, Blizzard’s shooter is about as interesting as Rainbow Six Siege. Already there, but just a wallflower in the large school yard, which is simply going under next to the popular CS: GO and the hip Valorant.

Without a free-to-play model, can Overwatch regain its old place in esports heaven?

As I have already written there, these are currently simply the better alternatives for all Overwatch players who are fed up with nibbling on the remains of a game left behind by the developer. In contrast to Overwatch, the ‘cool schoolyard shooters’ receive regular updates and maintenance.

For the presentation of Overwatch 2, the timing is on point

According to DotEsports’ Liz Richardson, next year the season will “start on an early version of Overwatch 2.” With this step, Blizzard breathes some life back into the colorful shooter. Fans can finally prepare for a return, because now they already have a first date in sight.

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The professional players have to adapt, because in Overwatch 2 there are only 5v5 matches with only one tank and an adaptive skill system.

A smart move, by the way, that the role models of all players are shown here as they unpack cool plays in the sequel (or replacement) of Overwatch. The little players feel like trying it out right away.

After this generous insight into Overwatch 2, the release shouldn’t take too long. If they wait until the end of the season, fans will have to wait two more months and maybe longer. On the other hand, the game has to be ready for delivery – but hey, at least the pros have already played on it, so the “early version” can’t be that bad, right?

And it is certainly in Blizzard’s interest not to offend the dwindling Overwatch player base with long waiting times. After all, they shouldn’t get the feeling that Overwatch 2 is blooming the same fate as its predecessor.

The news about the OWL in April 2022 also had something else good – after all the allegations and complaints about the work culture at Activision Blizzard, it is once again positive news. Okay, there was also McCree’s name change, but not many were really excited about the news either.


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