Twitch Crowd Choice feature is supported

Twitch Crowd Choice feature is supported
Twitch Crowd Choice feature is supported

Life is Strange: True Colors unterstützt das Crowd Choice Feature von Twitch.

Square Enix announces that Life is Strange: True Colors will support Twitch’s crowd choice feature. The brand new offshoot of the popular Life is Strange franchise is out on September 10th and lets viewers vote live on every important decision made during the stream.

You can choose whether streamers want to see the suggestions in advance before they make a decision, or whether they want to let “full democracy” prevail, and let their viewers take control of the story with the crowd-choice mechanism. Life is Strange: True Colors is the first game in the series to include this feature on Twitch.

With Crowd Choice, the audience is even more involved in the game. You can vote live during the game on exciting decisions and crucial decisions. All you have to do is activate the extension on Twitch.

It’s also quick and easy for Twitch streamers: First, the Square Enix Members Account must be linked to a supported game, such as Life is Strange: True Colors. Then the stream can be started and the crowd choice mode can be activated in the “Live Stream” menu in the game settings.

Crowd Choice offers two ways to check the attitudes of the viewers, while the streamers have full control over the options and when to vote.

Will the “full democratic” option be chosen, in which the audience automatically makes all the important decisions, or “suggestion”, in which the voting results are displayed in advance before a completely different decision is made? Crowd Choice is a great opportunity to play narrative games like Life is Strange: True Colors in a new and unpredictable way.


Twitch Crowd Choice feature supported

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