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GDL strike: Bahn also expects “irregularities” on Tuesday | – news

GDL strike: Bahn also expects “irregularities” on Tuesday | – news
GDL strike: Bahn also expects “irregularities” on Tuesday | – news

Status: 06.09.2021 17:37

The longest strike so far in the current wage dispute between the GDL and Deutsche Bahn is set to end early on Tuesday. The company announced that traffic would then normalize quickly.

“Nevertheless, irregularities can still occur in the course of the day,” warned Deutsche Bahn on Monday afternoon. Customers should also find out online on Tuesday before departure whether their train is running as planned.

GDL: “After the strike is before the strike”

Meanwhile, GDL boss Weselsky announced that there could be further strikes. “After the strike is before the strike,” said the chairman of the train drivers’ union. It is up to the management of the railway whether there is another labor dispute. Weselsky asked for an offer that would enable the union to conclude a collective agreement for all members in the various rail companies.

Currently there are still many failures and delays

According to its own information, Deutsche Bahn has already started moving train personnel and vehicles to where they are needed for regular operations. The train service could quickly start up again after the end of the strike at 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Until then, however, rail customers must continue to expect major disabilities. “The situation is unchanged, the replacement schedule has started again as planned,” said a railway spokeswoman on Monday morning. The long-distance transport capacities, which were increased to around 30 percent by the weekend, could, however, be maintained. In regional traffic, an average of around 40 percent of journeys would take place.

Restrictions everywhere in the north

In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, for example, trains of the RE 7 / RE 70 run every two hours on the route between Flensburg or Kiel and Hamburg, and the RE 8 should run every hour between Hamburg and Lübeck. The S-Bahn traffic in Hamburg is also affected by the strikes and has been severely thinned out. Lines S31, S2 and S11 are canceled. Lines S1, S21 and S3 are to run in the inner city area every 20 minutes. There are also restrictions in Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Tickets can be used flexibly

The train advised to postpone trips as far as possible and to find out about the train offer shortly before departure in the event of compulsory trips. Due to the strike, extended goodwill rules are currently in effect: booked tickets can be used in long-distance transport until September 17th, and the train connection for budget prices has been lifted. Alternatively, tickets can be refunded free of charge. Before starting their journey, customers should find out about the planned connection, for example on the Deutsche Bahn website. Once again, the railway set up the free passenger hotline at 08000 99 66 33 a.

additional Information

Information on train delays and cancellations in the north in the NDR text. more

Railway is subject to legal dispute over strike

The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL) wants to bring about higher incomes and better working conditions for the employees with the strike. It is the third strike in this collective bargaining round. At the beginning of the current strike, there had been a legal dispute between Deutsche Bahn and GDL about the legality. In the end, the regional labor court in Frankfurt rejected the Deutsche Bahn’s application for an injunction against the strike.

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Passengers wait for an ICE during the train strike in Wolfsburg main station © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

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A passenger with a backpack walks along a platform at Hamburg Central Station. © picture alliance / dpa | Photo: Bodo Marks

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Empty tracks and platform © dpa Photo: Jens Büttner

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