Survey: The majority of Austrians are open to euthanasia

Survey: The majority of Austrians are open to euthanasia
Survey: The majority of Austrians are open to euthanasia

The “Association for Self-Determined Dying – Last Help” has commissioned a survey on the subject of euthanasia. More than half of the respondents are therefore in favor of broader access to assisted suicide.

A current survey shows that assisted suicide and killing on request are widely accepted among the Austrian population. The study with 1000 respondents was commissioned by the “Association for Self-Determined Dying – Last Help”. 58 percent of those surveyed by the “Gallup Institute” are in favor of broader access to assisted suicide.

Only 23 percent believe that only terminally ill people seeking help with a very short life expectancy should have a right to assisted suicide. 62 percent of those surveyed (and even 56 percent of Catholics) are, at least in certain cases and subject to strict conditions, in favor of legalizing killing on demand (active euthanasia) alongside assisted suicide. Only 15 percent are against it.

Include the population

Only 26 percent of those questioned could fundamentally not imagine making use of assisted suicide under certain circumstances. In the case of killing on demand (active euthanasia), the result is almost the same. A clear majority of 56 percent of those surveyed are in favor of involving the population (referendum or referendum) in the decision on a new legal regulation. A minority of ten percent believe that parliament should exclusively determine which forms of euthanasia and under which conditions should be allowed in Austria.

74 percent of those questioned are of the opinion that assisted suicide should only be carried out by doctors. In general, when it comes to assisted suicide, respondents with an affinity for the FPÖ have the most liberal stance and Muslims have a particularly restrictive stance.

“Colossal Failure” of Politics

For “Last Aid” spokesman Eytan Reif, the survey illustrates that, contrary to what Austrian politics suggests, the population is very open to assisted suicide (assisted suicide) and killing on demand (active euthanasia). “Every member of the government and every so-called ‘people’s representative’ in parliament should finally become aware of this. When it came to ‘euthanasia’, Austrian politics failed colossally and, for purely party-political interests, left the euthanasia legislation to the Constitutional Court Return the population and initiate a corresponding referendum, “said Reif on Monday.


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