Clear the stage for extraordinary ideas: The new episodes of “2 Minuten 2 Mio.” on Tuesday at 8:15 pm on PULS 4

Clear the stage for extraordinary ideas: The new episodes of “2 Minuten 2 Mio.” on Tuesday at 8:15 pm on PULS 4
Clear the stage for extraordinary ideas: The new episodes of “2 Minuten 2 Mio.” on Tuesday at 8:15 pm on PULS 4

New: Viewers become interactive investors using the ZAPPN app and rate pitches live.

New episodes and extraordinary ideas: The PULS 4 successful format “2 Minuten 2 Mio.” continues its 8th season on Tuesday, September 7th. Every Tuesday at 8:15 p.m., innovation and vision are in the spotlight again in the PULS 4 studio when creative, courageous start-ups step in front of the business angels.

Among other things, in the opening sequence on Tuesday in primetime:

  • Cook and Grill (from Upper Austria, Gmunden district): Marcel Ksoll from Upper Austria introduces his Cook and Grill spice factory. The special thing about it: He lovingly produces his spices by hand with his visually impaired daughter Elaine. Due to her innate handicap, Elaine has an excellently trained sense of smell and taste, which gives the spice factory a unique touch. Marcel and his Elaine handpick the specially grown plants in their own garden, dry them and process them by hand. Will Marcel Ksoll and his daughter meet the tastes of investors?
  • ProctyClean (from Vienna): Bernhard Moss and Ludwig Römhild present the slightly different butt shower. With their patented intimate care pen, they want to prevent symptoms such as burning or itching after visiting the quiet place. The special pen is lubricated with the associated oil before use. During the application, the anal area is cleaned after the sphincter with the help of the collecting grooves. Can the two break the silence on the taboo topic and convince investors to invest?

Update in the top-class investor team: But that’s not enough. The circle of # 2m2m business angels is growing by a new member. Successful entrepreneur and communication expert Philipp Maderthaner will take on from September 7th, alongside Bautycoon Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Mediashop managing director Katharina Schneider, Austria’s successful winemaker Leo Hillinger, sustainability expert Martin Rohla, Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner, media entrepreneur Stefan Piëch, business giant Alexander Schütz and hotelier Bernd Hinteregger on one of the investors’ chairs. Together, the investors are once again ready to give courageous young entrepreneurs a helping hand and to support them with an investment and their know-how. Over 10 million euros were pumped into the Austrian start-up scene in the spring edition of the PULS 4 show, an absolute investment record.

# 2min2mio fans take note: With the ZAPPN app, viewers become interactive investors in the PULS 4 start-up show. Every Tuesday, the viewers can vote on the pitches and start-ups live during the broadcast.

“2 minutes 2 million – The PULS 4 Start-Up-Show” from September 7th every Tuesday at 8:15 pm on PULS 4


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