Coupe de France: Golfech is not surprised by Bressols

Golfech / Saint-Paul 2 – Cots 1

MT: 1-1; Referees: Mr. David Tlemcani, Assistant to MM. Mickaël Milhone, and David Fraiche.

Winners: Zoglami (44), Franceschi (64).

Defeated: Altieri (1).

GOLFECH / SAINT PAUL AGREEMENT. Akpah Toli, Tama-Abudu, Peries, Calixte, Ramos, Hasnaoui, Labadie (cap), Franceschini, Modebelu, Zoglami, Nana. Entered during the game: Desiter, Belcaid, Benali, Charton.

AS CRADLES. Despaux, Grattapaglia (cap), Rodrigues, Lemouzy, Astah, Pelofy, Larlid, Echarat, Altieri, Ahrouch, Majoub. Entered during the game: Alem, Bonnet, Aarioua, Dupuy, Zambano.

Expulsion : Ahrouch (40).

The comment. This Coupe de France meeting between two almost neighboring clubs kept all its promises this Saturday evening, the result remaining undecided until the final whistle. This meeting started on the hat of wheels since at the kickoff the Bresollais invaded the golféchois camp and the attacker Altieri managed to beat the local goalkeeper Ahpah Foli. To say that the Entente and its supporters were suffering a cold snap was a no-brainer. One would have thought that this accident would undermine the morale of the local players, but it was not. On the contrary, they will do everything to get back to the score, time pleaded for them. In turn Nana, Zoglami, often with the contribution of Ramos and Labadie, will seriously worry Despaux the porter of Bressols. But thanks to his talent (and sometimes with luck we have to admit it) he will manage to preserve his untouched goals. Well in place the Bressolais will be reduced to ten just before the break after their striker Ahrouch, author of a bad gesture on the Golféchois Labadie, receives a red card. Eleven against ten, the Golféchois will take advantage of this windfall to equalize.

Franceschi delivers the Agreement at game time

Bénalia having taken Labadie’s place, the locals will dominate territorially in the second half but the opposing goalkeeper class will prevent them from taking the advantage. However, a little after the hour mark, Franceschi will manage to find the loophole and beat Despaux for the winning goal.

The Golféchois will now turn to the championship, and wish them to recover the world because facing Bressols, injured or absent, six players were lacking in Alban Pothet. And now. The next weekend trip to Salies-du-Salat for the Golféchois before the designation of the future opponent in the Coupe de France for the next round of September 19.

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