Thermomix can now peel potatoes

Thermomix can now peel potatoes
Thermomix can now peel potatoes

Vorwerk presents new accessories
Thermomix can now peel potatoes

The kitchen appliance came onto the market 50 years ago and has developed into the most important product of the manufacturer Vorwerk. Now the Wuppertal-based company is presenting new accessories for the Thermomix.

Anyone who studies the functions of the Thermomix quickly gets the feeling that the device can take out everything except the garbage: stirring, kneading, grinding, weighing or steaming – everything is possible. And in the future, the kitchen helper can even peel potatoes.

The Wuppertal company Vorwerk has developed a stainless steel insert for its most important product, with which up to 800 grams of potatoes can be peeled within four minutes. The peels are rubbed off like a peeling so that the field crops can then be processed further. The use should work with the current TM6 device as well as with the predecessor TM5. The “Peeler” will hit the market in November for 39.90 euros.

Accessories such as the peeling insert fit in well with Vorwerk’s strategy of developing further products and services around the Thermomix in order to increase sales. The success of the Wuppertal company is heavily dependent on the success of the kitchen appliance: In the past year alone, around half of the total turnover of around 3.2 billion euros was attributable to the Thermomix business. Almost 1.8 million devices were sold.

If Vorwerk wants to grow further, the company has to convince new customers to buy a kitchen appliance year after year – or to persuade owners of older appliances to buy the current Thermomix model. This is always associated with challenges.

The alternative is to offer additional products that entice existing customers to spend more. Vorwerk had already started the digital recipe portal Cookidoo, whose offer you can subscribe to for 36 euros per year. In the past, it had also been announced that it would bring a kind of mini-Thermomix onto the market, the “Friend”. This allows customers to use two Thermomix pots at the same time. But the introduction is delayed. Vorwerk boss Thomas Stoffmehl recently justified this with the fact that the production capacities were required for the Thermomix model TM6.

Such problems should not arise with the new wave with peeler, as the potato peeler is officially called. However, if only a fraction of Thermomix customers show interest in it, that would mean high additional sales for Vorwerk.

If you had told Hansjörg Gerber about 50 years ago what would develop from his idea – he probably would not have believed it. The former Vorwerk employee is something like the inventor of the Thermomix. It was he who began to upgrade the machine further – by having a heating function built into a simple mixer.

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