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Coupe de France (2nd round). AS Saint-Yvi (D2) – FC Gourin (R3): 1-1 (12-11 tab)

11 shots on goal to 10 as indicated on the League website? Or “12 to 11”, as some witnesses reported. “Me, I do not know any more, I do not count”, laughs Alan Cueff. It doesn’t matter for the new coach of AS Saint-Yvi (D2)… The result is the same: his team qualified on penalties against FC Gourin (R3) and will therefore play the 3rd round of the Coupe de France.

The goalkeepers shoot in 11th

But her players have really been looking for her. First by equalizing in the 88th minute on “a goal from elsewhere” from Thomas Breut (37 or 38 years old, there too we no longer count): a skylight on a half-volley of 25 meters! Then by emerging victorious from an endless shootout session, in which the two goalkeepers had to participate, by exceeding their duties when it was their turn to shoot.

“We both shot and we both scored the eleventh peno of our team,” said the well-named Cyril Le Tirant, who, at 34, put on the gloves to help out. A winning return for the Saint-Yvien: “It was the first time that I shot a peno and it is the first time that I have scored a goal”. Previously, he had already done the job by pushing back, during sudden death, the shot on goal that would have qualified Gourin. “We were 5-5 at the end of the first heat. Then, I stop one, and Gourin shoots the 12th on the bar, but I hit four! About ten years ago, I stopped three out of five against Fouesnant ”.

Overtime on penalties

Everything was decided this time on the 23rd and 24th shot on goal (12 on each side). And as there are only eleven players on the field, after the goalkeepers, a field player had to shoot a second time: Arthur Quatreveau scored again for Saint-Yvi, while the Gourinois Benjamin Hémon, by failing on the bar, gave the qualification to Saint-Yvi (12-11). There is no longer any overtime in the Coupe de France, but Saint-Yvi and Gourin still played it on penalties!

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