Xavier Bertrand’s false dish

Xavier Bertrand’s false dish
Xavier Bertrand’s false dish

The candidate does not widen the gap to the right. To make himself heard, he planned to appoint ten spokespersons.

Xavier Bertrand has everything in mind, the stages of the campaign, the changes of pace, the air pockets. On paper, he has it all planned. Even unpleasant surprises and disaster scenarios. He had for example imagined the competing candidacy of Laurent Wauquiez. Except that in politics, nothing goes as planned.

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Xavier Bertrand, who had given himself the summer to widen the gap, crush the match as well as the competition, must now reckon with other competitors, starting with Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier. Those close to the president of Hauts-de-France say they are serene, “Maybe he will enter a period of turbulence that will cost him a few points in terms of polls, but that will not change his determination. He will continue to develop his ideas ”. On all formats. Like his summer videos, poorly framed, sometimes mocked, but very watched by the French.

Annoyance at LR

In the opposing teams, we chuckle. “At the beginning of September, nobody wins. The difference

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Xavier Bertrands false dish

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