Free games in September at PS Plus and Amazon Prime Gaming

The PS Plus Games in September

In September, the Playstation Plus selection will be increased with three new games. Including “Hitman 2” for the PS4. The second part of the assassin hit leads into completely different terrain. In addition to the familiar big city environment, you set out for your assignments through rainforests and explore the most exotic places. Also known is “Overcooked! All you can eat ”. The cooking game is really not for the faint of heart and is great fun, especially in a team with your loved ones. Numerous levels are waiting to be played through by you.

The last track “Predator: Hunting Grounds” is also from the tropical region and challenges you to face the fight in the jungles of South America. In this shooter, among other things, you can hunt for prey as a Predator with the help of numerous weapons and special technology.

Amazon Prime Gaming im September

With the Amazon Prime Gaming titles you will find free games this month like “Tools Up!”, Which proves your knack for interior design and is definitely suitable for the creative among us. There is now a simulator for almost everything. But now also a candle? How good can “Candleman: The Complete Journey” be? What sounds a bit strange at the beginning, however, arouses a lot of interest with the play of light and darkness and the discovery of a dreamlike scenery.

Another sugar-sweet experience is “Sam and Max: Hit the Road”. You have to help police officers Sam and Max keep America’s streets safe. In the following you are looking for a circus yeti who drives you all over the country.

Also for the next month we will introduce you to the new free games at Amazon Prime Gaming and PS Plus. So stay tuned.

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