Yeliz Koc unpacks and railed against Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht’s family

Published5. September 2021, 11:54

A few days ago, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht announced the separation from Yeliz Koc. Now the 27-year-old asked a few fan questions – and answered them relentlessly.

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Just a few days after Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) officially announced the separation from Yeliz Koc, the reality TV actress answered fan questions on Instagram.

Instagram / _yelizkoc_

And the 27-year-old was ruthlessly honest.

Instagram / yelizkoc_

For example, it was asked whether Jimi is behind Yeliz and their daughter.

For example, it was asked whether Jimi is behind Yeliz and their daughter. “No, unfortunately not, but I think he can’t help it,” said the heavily pregnant woman. In her opinion, it was his family’s fault.

Instagram / _yelizkoc_

  • Last Wednesday, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) officially announced the separation from his heavily pregnant girlfriend Yeliz Koc.

  • Shortly afterwards, the reality TV actress took the floor on Instagram and let her fan base know: “I will tell everything and you will find out everything.”

  • And so it was on Saturday: The 27-year-old answered numerous fan questions about the relationship in her story.

In a few weeks, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) and Yeliz Koc are expecting their first daughter together. But they will not raise their child in the familiar happiness of their families. Just last Wednesday, the singer and actor announced the separation from the reality TV actress, whereupon Yeliz threatened to “tell everything”.

In a questionnaire on Instagram, she had now started – and it got dirty. However, not only did the child’s father get his fat off, but also his family. The very first question paved the way for Zündstoff. “How are you currently mentally?” Asked a fan. And Yeliz replied bluntly and honestly. «I’m really bad! It just doesn’t end. I am provoked, beaten up by the family and taken advantage of. ”

«Manipulative Familie»

Then Yeliz let look even deeper into her soul. When asked by a follower whether Yeliz was happy, she wrote: “I am grateful for my mother, who is always there and helps me. As soon as I am alone, I unfortunately cannot hold my tears. I am not happy when I am left alone in the most difficult phase of my life, which should actually be the most beautiful, and all because of a manipulative family. ” The heavily pregnant 27-year-old revealed what is behind this statement immediately afterwards.

Another fan wanted to find out whether Jimi Blue would not be behind Yeliz. “I think he can’t help it. I think he just can’t fight it. I noticed it myself and when you grow up like that, unfortunately, you don’t get out of there so easily, ”said the former“ Bachelor ”candidate – referring to Jimi’s family around Mama Natasha Ochsenknecht and her brother.


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Jimi is not a bad person

Shortly after Jimi and Yeliz had contact about the unborn daughter, the brother of the 57-year-old reportedly reported and insulted Yeliz. “Isn’t Jimi telling his family to leave you alone?” A fan wants to know. “I guess so. I don’t want anything bad for him either, even if he leaves me and his daughter alone. He’s not a bad person either, but he’s just trapped there », said the mother-to-be in conclusion.

At the moment it is anything but easy for Yeliz. For example, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of pregnancy sickness, and had to cope with the death of her best friend in June. She was only taken to the hospital two weeks ago after slipping out of the bathtub and injuring her tailbone. Although the baby was unharmed, she went into labor seven weeks early during a subsequent check-up. The doctor found that Yeliz’s cervix was slightly open and the mother-to-be had to go to the hospital again.

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Yeliz Koc unpacks railed Jimi Blue Ochsenknechts family

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