“Forced” to urgently welcome fifteen migrants, the mayor of Châteauroux is indignant

“Forced” to urgently welcome fifteen migrants, the mayor of Châteauroux is indignant
“Forced” to urgently welcome fifteen migrants, the mayor of Châteauroux is indignant

Migrants, evacuated from the area around the prefecture of Ile-de-France in Paris, should arrive in Châteauroux by bus this Saturday, September 4. The mayor of Châteauroux, Gil Avérous, is indignant on Facebook, indicating that he was confronted with a fait accompli, without specifying the duration of this reception.

Some of the migrants evacuated this Saturday from in front of the Ile-de-France prefecture will be welcomed in a hotel in Châteauroux. This is indicated by the mayor Gil Avérous, who denounces the methods “revolting“on behalf of the State, which would have announced point blank the news to the town hall on Friday evening, without giving details on the duration of the accommodation of these people, their nationality, and their future. “We cannot move populations in the provinces because Paris does not want them, imagining that this will solve the problem! “ Gil Avérous takes offense in a Facebook post. The information is confirmed by the prefecture of Indre, which specifies that among the 15 people received in Châteauroux, five are Afghans in a regular situation.

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In general, when the state sends migrants to us, there are negotiations and discussions upstream. That was not the case“says one on the side of the town hall of Châteauroux, which considers that it is already difficult to take care of the migrants who have already arrived in the town. The prefecture reportedly told the town hall that about fifteen new migrants would arrive this Saturday.

These people certainly did not ask to come to Châteauroux, and we are not ready to welcome them in such a short time – Gil Avérous

The mayor of Châteauroux particularly questions the method used; the deadlines too short according to him to be able to welcome these people with dignity. There is no no children in the group hosted in Châteauroux, it is only a question ofsingle men depending on the prefecture.


Forced urgently fifteen migrants mayor Châteauroux indignant

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