“Power out”: Thomas Stipsits takes a break from the stage

“Power out”: Thomas Stipsits takes a break from the stage
“Power out”: Thomas Stipsits takes a break from the stage

In the past few months he has been very busy with intensive filming, his third Stinatz crime thriller, other film and television projects and live appearances. “In the end it turned out that I worked a little too much and ran out of strength – unfortunately.”

At this point he was already at 25 – and, like then, his medical officer advised him “that I should cancel or postpone my live performances for the next 3 months. I will follow this advice in order to avert even worse problems or.” intercept. ” His agency will now speak to all affected organizers about cancellations and possible replacement dates.

“Personally, I will concentrate on my health and withdraw within my family. Thank God I have 100% support here, which gives me a lot of strength, gives me back a lot of self-confidence and also takes away a lot of my fear. As soon as I have enough energy again, I will return to the stage and play for you again. ” If he can, he will finish his thriller “so that at least a little of me will be available in the fall”.

In September alone Stipsits should have made 18 appearances with his program “Stinatzer Delikatessen – Quasi a Best Of” – the next one on Monday at Globe Wien Open Air.

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