Political recovery in Yverdon – The majority left refuses the sale of strategic land

The majority left refuses the sale of strategic land

The Council returned to the Municipality the project of sale to 11.5 million of the last reserve in the industrial zone owned by the city. The file had been tied up by the old majority.

Frédéric Ravussin

Posted today at 19:01

The Left took control of the Yverdon Town Council. The elected Socialists and Greens, supported by some UDC, thus clearly refused Thursday evening the entry into the matter on the first major project of the legislature. a urban planning file prepared by the former Municipality on the right. The new Executive – who has also shifted to the left – has yet defended, co-syndics in mind, a continuity that he says he wants to focus on in the files developed by his predecessors. “We can not undo what has been done, otherwise we do not move forward,” pleaded cosyndic Carmen Tanner. But his message was not heard.

The project in question addresses the fundamental questions of land use planning, land policy and budget balance. This is the sale of two plots with a total area of ​​20,000 m2 north of town. Land coveted for an amount of 11.5 million francs by the company Flexos SA, already owner of the two other plots that make up this Verdan land use plan.

Rare commodity

Elected officials seem unanimous in saying that this zone is all the more strategic as it represents the last industrial zone reserve owned by the city, legalized and free from construction. A rare commodity that would meet the strong demand for local and regional businesses in need of space.

But is the sale the best deal for the Municipality, which does not have the means to invest itself to promote them? For a vast majority of the right and the Municipality, the answer is yes. According to the Executive, this sale would even be “necessary for the financial balance of the City”. “It is 4.5 million who would enter the municipal stock market in 2022, which needs liquidity after a gloomy 2020 financial year which we are starting to feel the effects”, recalls the PLR ​​Maximilien Bernhard. “Imagine that we could deprive ourselves of a windfall of 11.5 million, that leaves one wondering … Let us vote by pragmatism more than by dogmatism”, launched the Vert’libéral Gildo Dall’Aglio.

“The solution of the right of surface seems much more interesting financially.”

Julien Wicki, leader of the socialist group

Because on the left – especially in the rose camp – we have not been very inclined for years to sell family jewels. And, given the importance of the site and the financial stake, we would like the Executive to review its copy. “We want a more in-depth analysis, which explores in particular the track of the right of surface, solution which seems much more interesting financially, while making it possible to preserve the land control”, noted the socialist Julien Wicki, by requesting a non-entry in matter.

The Greens think no less. “To be able to decide on the best variant, we cannot miss the competition between the promoters, which did not take place,” breathes Younes Seghrouchni.

At the request of the PLR, non-entry will be voted on by secret ballot. The decision (53 yes against 38 no) undoubtedly condemns the project as it stands: the deed of sale signed last winter stipulating that the operation should be finalized by December 31, 2021 at the latest.

Posted today at 19:01

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