Health pass: “Democracy is the majority which imposes its point of view on the minority” –

While we are considering a general health pass in Switzerland, the French have been presenting their QR code since August 9 to go to restaurants or large shopping centers. Anti-health pass demonstrations are on the increase. Report in Annecy.

Will he have to show his Covid certificate to eat at restaurant? After consultation, a large majority of the cantons and almost all the parties, with the exception of the SVP, are in favor to avoid overloading the health system, according to the Federal Council.

Given the current epidemiological situation, the government in its September 1 announcement refused to act immediately. But he will be able to do so at any time in the future.

Demonstrations every Saturday

In the meantime, the Neighboring France lives to the rhythm of the health pass. To go to a restaurant or a bar, even on the terrace, you must show your QR code. And that doesn’t appeal to everyone.

The seventh Saturday demonstration against the health pass and the vaccination obligation attracted around 4,000 people to Annecy (F) on August 28, 2021 [Coraline Pauchard)]Since mid-July, demonstrations have followed one another across France. The country is divided. From now on, every Saturday the demonstrators parade on the shores of Lake Annecy, in the midst of walkers, cyclists and tourists.

Here, very few masks. Instead: placards and slogans hostile to the health pass and vaccination. “Can caregivers and firefighters come to the front of the procession to carry the banner, like every Saturday?”, Can we hear the megaphone. About 4000, the anti-sanitary pass parades with cries of “freedom!”.

Pushed back to the terrace

An unvaccinated woman tries to drink coffee on a terrace. She gets turned away. “For me, we are heading towards a dictatorship. Before, I used to come to eat here. Now, I don’t come anymore. I am surprised that the young people are swallowing everything. We need a May 68.”

On the outskirts of the demonstration, on the terraces, some growl as the demonstration passes. “Just before, we were in a shopping center. It had to close temporarily because unvaccinated people did not want to wear masks. It’s unbearable,” said one customer. “In this crisis, we should be united. It worries me to see these divisions”, explains a woman also sitting on the terrace.

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Bruno is a young retiree of 65 years old. He has been demonstrating regularly for 3 years. His feeling of exclusion grows. “The health pass only confirms a restriction on freedoms that had already been started. How far will they go?”

A divided France

This yellow vest can no longer trust the authorities. “There are people you can’t argue with. On both sides. Yes, there is a fracture.”

Gérard * is demonstrating for the first time against the health pass. “I took some distance with some friends. But this movement allows people to meet people. Clearly, our society is divided. Even within families.”

Bruno and his anti-health pass signThe prefect is the representative of the State in his department. It is he who faces the demands of the sanitary pass. “Living in society means accepting to alienate individual freedoms for the collective well-being”, explains Alain Espinasse, prefect of Haute-Savoie.

“You have the right to drink more than you need to, but on condition that you do not drive right after your car. It is an attack on the freedom of movement with your car. But we have made this decision to protect the greatest number of people. . “

Silent majority?

Faced with this divided France, the prefect puts it into perspective. “7000 demonstrators march over a week. Opposite, 40-50’000 people are vaccinated in the same period of time. Vaccination is also a sign of demonstration.”

The prefect recalls that he applies what was voted by the parliament. “Democracy is the majority which imposes its point of view on the minority. The opposite is no longer democracy.”

But will this majority succeed in convincing the minority? For Bruno, it is clear, “I remain ready to do anything to avoid getting vaccinated”.

Coraline Pauchard, Guillaume Rey

* Name known to the editorial staff

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