Majority wants vaccination for teaching staff «

Majority wants vaccination for teaching staff «
Majority wants vaccination for teaching staff «

In the USA, a vaccination is to come for teachers and soldiers. Obviously, this idea also met with approval in Austria. Kindergarten staff need a vaccination or test certificate.

2.41 p.m., September 4th, 2021


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Like one from the polling institute Unique research The survey carried out shows that a clear majority is in favor of compulsory vaccination for teachers. When asked whether they have not yet been vaccinated Educators to be obliged to vaccinate, 35 percent of the respondents answered with “strongly agree” and 22 percent of the respondents with “somewhat agree”. Ten percent of those surveyed are “rather not” in favor of compulsory vaccination, 26 percent are clearly against it, and seven percent did not provide any information.

There are also major concerns about an increase in the Infection at the beginning of school: 64 percent of those surveyed are “very” or “somewhat” concerned that the corona numbers will rise sharply when they start school. 29 percent of the respondents expressed no concern in this regard.

In the USA should one Compulsory vaccination for military personnel come and in at least in New York also for Teaching staff. A schedule is currently being worked on, which will be announced in the coming days, announced the spokesman for the US Department of Defense, John Kirby, an.

In New York, teachers and all other officials and people in contact with students must have received at least one dose by September 27, Mayor said Bill de Blasio. At first it remained open what would happen to those who would still refuse the vaccination.

Kindergarten staff need a vaccination or test certificate

The staff in kindergartens in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland must either be vaccinated from Monday or have a valid corona test. The Minister of Health has a corresponding regulation Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) enacted an amendment to the opening ordinance. In the remaining federal states, this will come into force a week later. This means that a parallel regulation applies as in schools after the three-week safety phase has expired.

From October 1st, unvaccinated kindergarten staff must also a PCR test once a week be submitted by an authorized test center. Up to that point, three antigen tests per week are sufficient. “The top priority in this phase of the pandemic must be to ensure that the educational institutions can remain open to our children,” said Mückstein in a broadcast. “Close testing among the pedagogues is essential for this, but the most important instrument remains the vaccination. We therefore need one if possible high vaccination coverage achieve – also for the benefit of our children. “

At schools, the school year begins with a “Security phase“: In this, all teachers have to test three times a week (for those who are not vaccinated, one test per week must be a PCR test). Afterwards, the obligation to test for vaccinated educators no longer applies.

In addition, it is stated in the regulation that in principle all external personswho enter kindergarten need 3G proof and must wear a mask. Anyone who only enters the facility for a short time – such as parents who bring or pick up their children, for example – are exempt from the 3G proof. Children up to the age of six do not need a mask either.


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