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“Incomprehensible. Armin Laschet lets himself be yelled at by a lateral thinker without a mask at a distance of 20 cm. That is not close to the citizens, but simply stupid. “

This one

put SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach on Twitter on Friday – and has been criticized a lot for it. Now the CDU candidate for chancellor is also against him.

▶︎ What happened? At an election campaign event in Erfurt, a man suddenly storms onto the stage to Laschet. Without mask. As it turns out: Thomas Brauner, a supporter of the lateral thinker movement. He looks agitated, speaks very loudly and Laschet directly in the face. Security guards join them. But Laschet sends them back. If the man wants to have his say, listen to him and answer the question.

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Today, a day later, at the party conference of the CDU Brandenburg in Potsdam, Laschet explains why it was so important to listen to the man and respond to him.

“We notice that the country is aggressive and divided,” says Laschet. He was in Eisenach, Erfurt and Apolda. There you have both groups. “Some write: Close the schools. Save our children. And the others deny that the virus is even there. “

He tries to explain to people that they prefer to present their arguments in peace: “The situation is too serious for everyone to shout at each other like that.”

Shock second: The man suddenly jumps onto the stage to LaschetPhoto: Martin Schutt / dpa

Much praise for Laschet – also from critics

Lauterbach assesses the situation completely differently, attacks Laschet because of his reaction at the event, calls them “simply stupid” – and receives a lot of headwind from his tweet.

Many users praise Laschet, find it sovereign and level-headed that the CDU candidate for chancellor sought dialogue with the man instead of letting his security staff take care of the matter! Including some who otherwise criticize Laschet very harshly.

The troubled man comes very close to Laschet. He stays calm, keeps him at a distance with one handFoto: action press

Laschet himself also responds to Lauterbach’s allegations and strikes back: He is “poisoning the climate again”, according to the CDU politician. “If we no longer listen to people, if we no longer give answers, then the social climate will be even rougher than it already is today.”

“It is important to speak to a large number of people in order to form a balanced opinion. I have admired this quality in Armin Laschet for years, ”said Axel Fischer, Vice-Chairman of the CDU regional group in Baden-Württemberg, to BILD. “The fact that Lauterbach, who perhaps talks to the same two or three people over and over again every day, cannot understand that explains his limited horizon.”

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