Homeless, Dr. Dre’s eldest daughter lives in a rental car

The first child of Dr. Dre would live in great precariousness without the latter worrying about it, says his eldest daughter in person. Explanations.

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According to information published in the columns of the Daily Mail, Dr. Dre’s eldest daughter would not have a home and would live in her car. LaTanya Young is 38 years old and is the first child of the famous rapper from Compton, conceived with his ex-girlfriend Lisa Johnson. Left behind by her father, she confided in her daily life to the British newspaper. According to her, despite the accommodation offers from her family and a few of her friends, she has to live most of the time in her car, a rental SUV.

She regularly requests financial assistance from his father who would weigh more than 800 million dollars. If she confesses that the latter had previously supported her by covering her rent and paying her an allowance, the mother of four children would not have received a cent from him since January 2020. LaTanya Young hasn’t seen Dr. Dre for eighteen years now, does not have his phone number and must therefore go through his lawyer to try to get in touch with him. According to her, her father would now refuse to help her financially because she would have poured out her precariousness in the press.


Homeless Dres eldest daughter lives rental car

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