A petition asks Darmanin for an inventory of the police responsible for domestic violence

A petition asks Darmanin for an inventory of the police responsible for domestic violence
A petition asks Darmanin for an inventory of the police responsible for domestic violence

Launched at the end of July and supported by a dozen associations and elected officials, a petition, already signed nearly 24,000 times, asks the Minister of the Interior for a census of the police and gendarmes perpetrators of domestic violence.

«Mr. Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, do you know how many police and gendarmes there are violent towards their (ex) spouses, female colleagues or complainants?“A petition launched on the Change.org platform calls for a”exhaustive survey to find out the number of police and gendarmes implicated in cases of violence against women and / or childrenAnd their transfer to another post. The text is at the initiative of the Abandon de famille-Tolérance zero collective and supported by twelve associations. As of August 4, it has collected more than 23,600 signatures. In parallel, the MeTooFdO was launched on social networks, and a form is available for victims wishing to testify.

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Stéphanie Lamy, president of the Abandon de famille collective, explains that she was “indignant that the police officer responsible for taking Chahinez Daoud’s complaint (killed in Mérignac by her violent husband in July, Editor’s note) was himself a perpetrator of domestic violence, condemned, and still in office“. According to her, such a situation skews the work of the police: “This is not acceptable (…) We want the number of authors to be counted, because if we have it, we have an idea of ​​the extent of the phenomenon and of the omerta.“For Stéphanie Lamy, an author of violence will not have the right assessment”to collect a victim’s complaint and assess the dangerousness of a man“. An opinion shared by Sandrine Bouchait, president of the National Union of Feminicides of France: “Knowing that they (the victims, editor’s note) can potentially be heard by a perpetrator will make the process, already difficult, even more complicated».

“Something that is not thought of by the authorities”

Journalist Sophie Boutboul had compiled testimonies of women victims of their gendarme or police spouse in the book Silence, on cogne (Grasset) in 2019. For her, “it is something which is not thought by the authorities or which interests them … Moreover, it is what there is in Darmanin’s response to Parisian : about twenty final convictions, he said. But in fact, we must be interested, beyond the convictions, to the people who are recruited when they have complaints against them for violence.»Conjugal or family.

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Still according to her, the representatives of the law “are going to use the power they are going to have to threaten“The complainants:”I am the law” Where “I know the judgeAre phrases often heard. It also evokes “Preferential treatment” from which the accused security forces would benefit. “For example, the phone was left to the respondent during police custody when it is prohibited. And this kind of behavior will prevent convictions. There is a double responsibility of justice and authorities on this subject», Explains Sophie Boutboul. For her, families and victims have been warning in vain for years: “We do not even manage to access the number of complaints for domestic violence”. Contacted by us, the Ministry of the Interior has not yet responded to our requests.

Suspend the carrying of weapons and train personnel

In March, MP Fiona Lazaar (LREM) asked the government a question, which has remained unanswered to date, to find out the extent of domestic violence committed by police and gendarmes. According to her, there are several issues: “In the event of a report, the adaptation of the post to no longer allow the reception of the public (to the civil servant) and the suspension of the carrying of a weapon must be treated as a priority.“. There is no question of being in an anti-police speech, however, assures the elected official. “The police and gendarmes are the first to intervene (…) but domestic violence crosses all of society, including the police».

For the centrist Senator Annick Billon, who supports the initiative behind the petition, it is necessary “train staff»And put the means. “We don’t know howThe measures announced by Gérald Darmanin will be implemented or effective, she worries. And to add: “Adding more police officers is good, but how are the courts going to be unclogged? It is also necessary to accompany, with accommodation, a job (because often, we leave it), to give again a possible horizonTo the victims.

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Unlike other countries like the United States, France does not have statistics on the subject. The National Federation of Women Solidarity had recorded 115 calls to the helpline 3919 of spouses of police or military in 2016, or 10% of the files where the profession was informed.

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