Vaccination: France has gone from the ugly duckling to the model student

Vaccination: France has gone from the ugly duckling to the model student
Vaccination: France has gone from the ugly duckling to the model student

VACCINES – 18 days ago, faced with the rise of a new wave carried by the Delta variant, Emmanuel Macron made a bet: to push the French population towards the anti-Covid vaccine, without making it compulsory.

By imposing the health pass on a large part of the places of life, the president did not really leave the choice to the citizens. An ethically questionable decision, which created debates and gave rise to a spontaneous opposition movement.

At the same time, it is clear that in terms of vaccination, the bet has been successful for the moment. More than 51% of the French population is now fully vaccinated and more than 6 in 10 French people have received their first dose.

Above all, we can see very clearly on the graph below that the number of injections of first doses has jumped since July 12, the day of Emmanuel Macron’s speech.

If we look in detail, we can see that a first thrill took place in early July, when France was experiencing the start of a resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic caused by the Delta variant.

But the growth in the number of first doses injected over a week has not been commensurate with the announcement of the expansion of the health pass, as can be seen in the graph below.

It is too early to judge the effectiveness of this increase in vaccinations on the current 4th wave (even if the Pasteur Institute has recently been more optimistic for the start of the school year).

Since July 12, the first-time injected have been proportionally more numerous in France than in the United States, than in Austria, than in Hungary and our country is on an equal footing with Germany. 18 days ago, the Germans were 59% to have received a first dose compared to 54% of the French, as can be seen in the animated graph below.

If we compare to neighboring countries of similar size, or even the United States and Canada, France is quite simply first in terms of doses of vaccines administered daily (first and second dose).

Globally, only China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and Indonesia inject more doses per day than France. But in these countries, the vaccination campaign is much less advanced (between 16% and 48% of people first injected).

It remains to be seen whether this sudden rise will last. Because to contain Delta without restrictions, an overwhelming majority of the population (more than 90% of adults, even more for the elderly) would need to be vaccinated by the fall.

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