JO (M) | Reactions after France – Spain

JO (M) | Reactions after France – Spain
JO (M) | Reactions after France – Spain

The French men’s team undoubtedly delivered their best Japanese copy this morning against Spain. She takes the lead in Group A alone before her last match against Norway on Sunday. Discover the post-match reactions of the staff and players.

Guillaume Gille: It is not easy to follow up the Germany match at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday and replay barely 40 hours later against Spain, two big customers. Of course we are happy with this victorious sequence which clarifies our position in this group and allows us to glimpse this last match with still desire and serenity on the continuation. We have stored up other experiences and this group needs them. This match against Spain is a good illustration. Making the choice to use Nedim at the center half position and in the relay as a back, it does not date from today. It is linked to the quality of his match where he was very impactful, very effective. This is also why we used it to the full. We got ready for some big battles here. The pace and the difficulty of the confrontations will provide us with answers. Yes, we dominated Spain by passing them 37 goals, which does not happen often. These are clearly very positive elements for our game and for confidence. But these are only group matches and apart from these glorious facts of leaving Spain and Germany behind us, it puts us well in the group standings. We can be brilliant as we have been in recent days and experience a big disillusionment in the quarter-finals. As we know, it’s one of those delicate moments to spend in an Olympic competition. Today we are focused on that.

Nedim Remili: I’m happy because we had an almost perfect match, as we often do in the matches that we have played. We have some less good moments but overall, the matches have been rather very very good. Obviously we are still sinning a little on certain losses of the ball that we can avoid, we let the teams come back a little but despite everything we are very solid defensively. And as soon as the team decides to give a boost, we make the difference. Today we faced a tough 1-5 defense to attack. Obviously Viran Morros was missing, but I’m happy because we managed to attack. We have been facing a 1-5 for 4 games and 4 games where our attack is working well, so it’s nice. In addition, we know that on a 6-0, we have a strike force which is enormous.
We’ve been together since June 23, I feel like it’s been 6 months. It’s very long, but we put our heart into the work, whether in the physical preparation or the tactical work. The last days before the competition were very, very long. We have entered the competition well and we are not backing down, we are continuing to make good progress, it’s really nice to see the team like that. Since the start of the competition, we know why we are there, we know what we want, and we are only focused on that. Obviously, by winning matches, we get closer. I think we are very strong physically. We want to go get this medal together. It is very positive.

Luc Abalo : We have respect for Spain, a team that we fear a lot. So no, this is not a demonstration today. I think everyone played their best handball and were very focused. France and Spain are two teams that are equal. Today, we have gained the upper hand, but we must remain humble. It’s good to play games like this for confidence. We must continue this momentum. The trap would be to think that we are ramping up and that we will not go higher. We must continue to progress. It’s a game we won at the start of this meeting. This victory, we do not know if it will help us for the quarter-finals.

Vincent Gérard: It was a big successful match. It is always pleasant to say that we are moving forward and that we are progressing. We made the gap in the same way as in the first matches except that this time our weak time did not last as long. We showed a little more serenity. Everyone has returned and we present a very complete team. We are not dependent on a single individuality and this gives us more guarantees of success. We have made four matches, we have two sisters left. We’re halfway there. We must not ignite: the only thing we have around our necks is the accreditation cord.

Dika Mem : I think we had a good game. It’s a great victory but I’m not sure it matters as much for the Spanish side to finish 1st or 2nd. If it was a decisive game, I think it would be different. Winning against Spain, the reigning double European champion, is satisfying but it is not a victory that will make us take the big head. It’s easy to play with Nedim, a very good player. We were able to reach 4th place in the World Cup, without training, and there with a month of preparation, we refined our relationship on the ground. I think it can be seen and that we will continue like this until the important matches.

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