Joe Biden toughens his tone against the delta variant

Joe Biden toughens his tone against the delta variant
Joe Biden toughens his tone against the delta variant

The US president must announce new measures to stem the spread of the pandemic. Some cities and companies did not wait for the head of state to put in place restrictions.

It looks like a health pass that wouldn’t speak its name. Faced like many countries with an increase in cases, the United States is gradually moving towards compulsory vaccination for part of its population and reimposing the wearing of masks, even for Americans already stung. On average, more than 60,000 people test positive every day in the country, a figure not reached since the end of April, but which is still far from the 250,000 new daily cases of January. At the same time, vaccination is stagnating. Only 49% of Americans are fully vaccinated, with marked disparities between regions; a large majority of the unvaccinated assures that they do not want to be bitten.

“We have seen an increase in vaccination in recent days but we need to do better. On Thursday, I will be presenting new steps in our effort to get more Americans vaccinated ”Joe Biden said in a statement. The Democratic president also indicated on the sidelines of a trip on Tuesday that a compulsory vaccination for federal state employees was “in the study”. According to US authorities, 2.1 million people are potentially affected.

If it is announced, this forced vaccination despite a 180 ° turn in the strategy desired by the White House. On July 4, American National Day, the president still said he believed in“independence” from the United States in the face of the virus, but he had to change his tone in the face of the rapid spread of the Delta variant. “What I’m sure is that if 100 million more people had been vaccinated, the situation would be very different. Get vaccinated ”, hammered Joe Biden. According to figures from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the number of infections is rising sharply in much of the southern United States, but less in the Northeast, which is better vaccinated.

The return of the mask

Anticipating future measures, New York City announced that its city workers and unvaccinated caregivers will be required to test negative every week starting in mid-September. Los Angeles followed suit on Tuesday. “The fourth wave is here and the choice could not be clearer: to be vaccinated or to have the Covid-19”, said Eric Garcetti, the mayor of the city of angels. At the same time, dozens of universities, and some large companies like Netflix or Google have required proof of vaccination to come to their offices.

For their part, the health authorities revised their recommendations on wearing a mask on Tuesday. “In areas with high transmission, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks in public places indoors.”, said Rochelle Walensky, their director. The CDC was still defending its May recommendation last week that vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors under most circumstances, with some exceptions including on public transport and hospitals. But the delta variant, responsible for nearly 90% of new cases of Covid-19 in the United States, has changed the situation. New data “Indicate that on rare occasions, people vaccinated […] could be contagious and transmit the virus to others ”, as Rochelle Walensky explained, these “New findings are worrying and unfortunately justify an update of our recommendation”.

The White House also ordered all of its staff on Tuesday to wear the mask again due to local transmission rates in Washington. To curb the spread of the delta variant, the CDC will also recommend that professors, students or visitors from outside the school wear the mask, whether or not they are vaccinated.

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