Attal responds to criticism of new protocol in middle and high schools

Attal responds to criticism of new protocol in middle and high schools
Attal responds to criticism of new protocol in middle and high schools

The Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced Wednesday that at the start of the school year, middle school and high school students vaccinated in the case of contact could remain in class, unlike their non-vaccinated comrades who will have to follow the courses remotely.

Faced with criticism since Jean-Michel Blanquer’s announcement on Wednesday on the new health protocol in schools at the start of the school year, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Thursday that “there will be no two-speed school “. On Wednesday, Jean-Michel Blanquer announced that non-vaccinated middle and high school students should take distance education at the start of the school year, if by chance a case of Covid was detected in their class.

“Only unvaccinated students will be evicted and will have to follow distance education,” the Minister of National Education said on Franceinfo, the others being able to continue face-to-face. An exit that aroused the irritation of the unions, which reject in particular the use of the term “evicted”.

“We made the choice of school in France from the start and it is a source of pride”, argued this Thursday Gabriel Attal, traveling in the Hérault, in La Grande-Motte.

Gabriel Attal also responded to the president of the National Rally Marine Le Pen. In a tweet published Wednesday following the announcements of the Minister of National Education, the latter accused the government of considering “the exclusion of unvaccinated minor students from school trips among others”.

“Marine Le Pen relays information that is false since she says that there would be an exclusion of unvaccinated students from school trips, this is absolutely not planned. What is planned is quite simply to extend at school the same rules as there are for the rest of the population (…) It means that there is no health pass at school, on the other hand when you are a student, and that you are going on a school trip, in a swimming pool, in a museum, which are establishments open to the public which from the end of September will ask for the health pass to minors who will go there, (it will be necessary ) present a health pass, “detailed the government spokesperson.

“Just as when he goes there with his family in a setting other than the school setting. We are only extending the rules which concern the entire population at school,” added Gabriel Attal.

“There will be no two-tier school”

“There will be no two-speed school, there will be no eviction of anyone from learning, tempered Gabriel Attal this Thursday the day after the announcements. There is simply an extension. health rules which concern the whole population at school. There is in particular a rule, now that there is vaccination, which is that when you are completely vaccinated and you are in contact with a positive person, you are asks to take a test to verify that you are not positive yourself, but you are no longer asked to isolate yourself. “

“We apply the same rule at school. Students who are fully vaccinated and who are in contact with a positive classmate, will not have to isolate themselves if they test negative. It is simply the same rule. than that which is applied to all French people, “explained Gabriel Attal.

“Those who should isolate themselves will obviously have pedagogical continuity and distance learning for the few days when they will have to isolate themselves. It is better for them ten days of isolation than months of closure of schools like we have seen it in some countries, ”added the minister.

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