one year in prison for a contract worker from the CPAM

one year in prison for a contract worker from the CPAM
one year in prison for a contract worker from the CPAM

Monday July 26, a contract of the “vaccidrive” of Villepinte, in Seine-Saint-Denis, was sentenced to one year of imprisonment by the court of Bobigny for trafficking in false vaccination certificates.

The person concerned receives a total of eighteen months’ imprisonment, six of which are suspended (the firm sentence having been arranged in the form of house arrest with electronic surveillance) as well as a fine of 10,000 euros. Coming to confirm information given by the daily 20 Minutes, the Bobigny prosecutor’s office announced that another woman was involved in trafficking. She was sentenced just like her accomplice, as did two of their clients.

The suspicions had taken shape when the director of the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) of Seine-Saint-Denis was notified “Fraudulent obtaining of certified vaccination certificates by two unvaccinated persons”, as reported by the prosecution. After verification, it turned out that the two people in question had never presented themselves to the “vaccidrive”, but that the Covid vaccine software did indeed mention their vaccination, and on dates during which the contract worker was working in the service of edition of certificates.

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Two accomplices

During a search of the employee’s home, these are “Twenty certificates”, nearly 7,000 euros and various social security numbers that have been discovered, as detailed by the prosecution. The respondent admitted, during his police custody, having generated around 200 QR codes, which she was selling for 200 euros each on the Snapchat social network. She explained that she first created these codes “At the request of a third party and the latter’s sister”, as reported by the prosecution.

Some 10,000 euros were subsequently unearthed at the home of the sister of an accomplice in this trafficking, who has not yet been arrested. The two women were referred to immediate appearance on Monday for charges of “fraudulent modification of data contained in a system for the automated processing of personal data implemented by the State”, “obtaining and forgery in a administrative document ”and“ participation in a criminal association ”.

The sister of the co-author was sentenced to one year’s suspended prison sentence and a 3,000 euro fine. The two beneficiaries of the fraudulent certificates were sentenced to two months’ suspended imprisonment, as well as a 1,500 euro fine for the first, and a 1,500 euro suspended fine for the second.

The previous week, a 30-year-old woman, who was suspected of having drawn up false vaccination certificates in Grenoble, had been indicted and placed under judicial supervision. In addition, in Paris, six people were indicted – two of them having been imprisoned – in an investigation into trafficking in false vaccination certificates carried out by the public prosecutor’s office in the capital.

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