Vaccine against Covid-19: Alain Fischer estimates that there would be up to “20 times less risk of hospitalization with the vaccine”

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Alain Fischer, professor of pediatric immunology, underlined the effectiveness of the vaccine and the positive impact on hospitalizations in an interview with the journal The echoes, this Thursday, July 29.

Alain Fischer, government advisor on vaccine strategy said that “95% of people hospitalized for Covid are not vaccinated or are partially vaccinated, which suggests that there are twenty times less risk with the vaccine” during a daily interview the echoes.

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According to him, thanks to the vaccine, the transmission of the virus is greatly reduced. It relies in particular on Israeli studies which have shown “ that vaccination reduces by about 90% the risk of carrying the virus in the nasopharyngeal sphere. “With or without symptoms, the development of the virus is sharply reduced.

“We will have to push the fires very hard in the weeks to come”

Alain Fischer specifies however during the interview, that a vaccine booster could prove necessary in autumn “especially for the most fragile”. This third dose would concern other people only “next year”.

He does not claim victory, however, by stressing “that there are still 5 million fragile, elderly, sick or precarious people to be vaccinated”. Hospitalizations are increasing again, especially in intensive care. He encouraged to continue the vaccination campaign to avoid falling back into a critical situation for our health system, “we will have to push the fires very hard in the coming weeks,” he said.

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The immunologist also expressed concern about the development of a “new variant from an existing variant” in the fall.


Vaccine Covid19 Alain Fischer estimates times risk hospitalization vaccine

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