39-year-old man dies after Pfizer vaccine, family files complaint

39-year-old man dies after Pfizer vaccine, family files complaint
39-year-old man dies after Pfizer vaccine, family files complaint

The Dax prosecutor’s office confirms having opened an investigation following a complaint against X from the family of this 39-year-old man, a complaint that was lodged with the Tartas gendarmerie.

This 39-year-old man, with no medical history according to his family, received his second dose of Pfizer vaccine on Thursday, July 1. The man had symptoms following the injection: fever and fatigue. But in the early morning of Saturday July 3, less than 48 hours later, depending on the family, he suffocates. The Dax prosecutor’s office has not communicated any information at this stage of the investigation.

“We do not intend to stop there”

Despite the cardiac massage performed by his 18-year-old daughter, guided by the 15, then by the emergency services on their arrival, the father of the family dies. An autopsy is immediately required, the man’s body is sent to Bordeaux. The results of this examination have, for the time being, been only partially reported. It was explained to the family that the victim had died following a cardio-respiratory failure. Marie-Claude, the mother of the deceased man, wants to understand and does not hide her anger: “we do not intend to stop there! We want justice to be done and everyone to know that their vaccine is not trivial. To revolt and say no, we do not get vaccinated. When we look at the effects it gives, it’s myocarditis! And on the websites, they say it’s minimal compared to all the lives they save from Covid. We we hate all of this“.

Myocarditis and pericarditis were added on July 9 to the side effects of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines by the European Medicines Agency. According to the agency, in Europe, 321 cases of cardiac inflammation have been identified, five of which ended in death. At the time of this count, 197 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna had been injected in Europe.

The mother is convinced that it was the vaccine that killed her son: “We can only think that. but you can’t say it’s because of the vaccine. We don’t have proof“.

This is the second complaint against X filed in the Landes after a death concomitant with a Pfizer vaccination. Last February, a retiree from Capbreton died and his family also lodged a complaint against X. After two months of investigation, the Dax prosecutor’s office had closed the complaint without follow-up talking about “sudden death, of natural origin” and of “chronological coincidence“.

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