Minister Alain Griset is summoned to court for omitting to declare assets

Minister Alain Griset is summoned to court for omitting to declare assets
Minister Alain Griset is summoned to court for omitting to declare assets

TRIAL – The current Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Alain Griset is summoned to appear on September 22 for “incomplete or false declaration of his patrimonial situation” and “of his interests”.

LCI editorial staff – 2021-07-29T19:29:07.8999+02:00

Half a dozen members of the government are grappling with judicial inquiries, but the first to appear before the criminal court will be the Minister of SMEs, Alain Griset. A year after entering the government to manage the impact of the health crisis on companies, he will be tried for incomplete declarations of assets and interests.

A summons to appear is not a court decision, much less a judgment.– Entourage of Jean Castex

He will appear on September 22. This decision is extremely rare for a minister in office. Asked by the editorial staff of LCI, the entourage of the Prime Minister wished to recall that“a subpoena is not a court decision let alone a judgment.”

“It will be up to Alain Griset to provide all the useful explanations to enlighten the magistrates”, assures those around Jean Castex, adding that “until then, the government is not intended to comment on a court decision that has not yet been made.” For his part, the entourage of Alain Griset did not wish to comment.

“Confusions of heritage” and “breach of trust”

The High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) announced on November 24 that Alain Griset was in its sights. The latter then omitted to declare “financial participations held in a share savings plan (PEA), as well as the associated cash account, for a total amount of 171,000 euros”.

The funds concerned, according to a source familiar with the matter, would come from the office of the National Confederation of Crafts, Trades and Services (CNAMS) of the North, which had entrusted, in 2019, some 130,000 euros to this former craftsman-taxi, then president of the organization. Alain Griset had to place this sum on his PEA. He had explained to the High Authority that he had had the agreement of the CNAMS to grow the amount loaned.

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If the sum had been repaid soon after entering the government, the prevailing minister had “show honesty”, the High Authority had denounced “a confusion of heritages”. For the HATVP, the omission was also intended “to prevent the revelation of facts likely to receive the criminal qualification of breach of trust”.

Tracfin, the anti-money laundering unit of Bercy, the same where the minister works, had made a parallel report to the Lille prosecutor’s office, which had opened an investigation for “breach of trust”, ongoing.

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Minister Alain Griset summoned court omitting declare assets

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