Google changes the policy of its Playstore, and wants to ban sugar daddies

Google changes the policy of its Playstore, and wants to ban sugar daddies
Google changes the policy of its Playstore, and wants to ban sugar daddies

The web giant has just taken new measures to strengthen the security and integrity of Internet users on its platforms. Among them, one aims in particular to prohibit tariffed relations.

From September, dating apps for “sugar daddies” will no longer be allowed on the Google PlayStore. If the latter enjoyed until now a certain tolerance, the American company now considers that they are promoting tariffed relations. By putting sugar daddies (rich mature men) in contact with sugar babies (generally young women wishing to be maintained), this type of application does not never explicitly mentions sex, let alone their pricing. However, Mountain View now believes that this is a barely diverted form of “Paid sex”.

Google toughens its policy

Since its inception, the Google Playstore has formally prohibited any application promoting “Services which may be interpreted as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation”. In a press release, GAFAM has updated its privacy policy, by extending the ban to “Paid dating or sexual arrangements in which one participant is expected to provide (even implicitly) money, gifts or financial support to another participant (sugar daddy dating)”. A decision that comes at the same time as several other measures taken by Google, but which also coincides with the application of the Trump FOSTA-SESTA law, which will soon remove the immunity (or at least the protection) that web platforms could enjoy. by authorizing the promotion of prostitution.

Clean up developers

Another drastic measure taken by Google, the company will soon reserve the right to delete developer accounts that have been inactive for more than a year. Exceptions will apply if they are the source of applications with in-app purchases or high traffic. In any case, Google has warned that it will notify developers 70, 30, and 7 days before the fateful date.

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