Fécamp. Five young people kidnap, kidnap and assault a 55-year-old man

By Murielle Bouchard
Published on 29 Jul 21 at 17:08


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A 55-year-old man was kidnapped, kidnapped and assaulted for more than one night in Fécamp between Thursday 22 and Friday 23 July 2021. (©Illustration Adobe stock)

A story worthy of a bad thriller took place at Fécamp (Seine-Maritime), Thursday July 22, 2021. A 55 year old man was kidnapped, kidnapped and beaten by five young people aged 16 to 28.

For a debt of 100 euros

The victim, a 55-year-old man, used to host a 25-year-old youngster at his home, Sentier du Val-aux-Vaches in Fécamp. On the evening of the events, Thursday July 22 around 11 p.m., the young man was at his mother’s house, which was ignored by a group of five individuals, four men and a woman, who had come to claim their due. Indeed, according to a legal source: “The young person had a debt of 100 euros narcotics which he owed to the group”.

On the spot, the individuals aged 16 to 28 then decide to kidnap the 55-year-old man and take him to an apartment on the Ilot Arquaise. A neighbor who witnessed the kidnapping immediately called the police. “She saw the man coming out with this group being slapped and worried. The police will immediately start looking for the fifty-something, but it is only the next day at noon that they will find him.

Insults, violence and humiliation

In the meantime, the victim suffered a real ordeal “who had nothing to do with this story of narcotics.” ”

They tied him up, hit him and sent pictures to the young man who was in debt. They demanded 150 euros in exchange for releasing the victim.

A judicial source.

Until Friday morning, he was “tainted, humiliated, abused and insulted. He received several kicks and punches ”. The 25-year-old goes to the apartment on Friday morning and pays off the debt. At around noon, the 55-year-old man was released.

The police find him, “injured and shocked: 10 days of ITT have been prescribed to him”.

Two of the imprisoned perpetrators

Following the investigation, the five presumed perpetrators, four men and one woman are arrested on Monday July 26, 2021. “The two main perpetrators already known to our services, they were imprisoned in Le Havre and Rouen, two other young people are under judicial supervision and the minor was placed in a home in Rouen. “

All of them acknowledged the facts “while minimizing them” and were referred to the prosecution. They will be tried in court next September: “adults face the maximum penalty of 20 years in prison,” concludes our source.

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