Miviludes receives more and more reports

Miviludes receives more and more reports
Miviludes receives more and more reports

The interministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations, which has just published its latest activity report, warns of a sharp increase in testimonies on increasingly serious cases, in particular in the field of health, in particular since the start of the health crisis

The Mission to Combat Sectarian Abuses has observed a 40% increase in referrals over the past five years. © Getty / Emmanuel Lavigne / EyeEm

Recently attached to the Ministry of the Interior, under the responsibility of the Minister for Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, the interministerial mission for vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations (Miviludes) published its latest activity report 2018-2020. She alerts on a 40% increase in referrals over the past five years, in particular reports of situations “urgent” who present “an immediate risk of public order or security for people”.

La Miviludes notes a strong impact of the health crisis on reports. In 2020, the categories of referral “vaccination”, “Covid-19” and “conspiracy” were also added and the Mission was asked to 120 reports between March and December 2020 on worrying situations directly linked to the health crisis.

Drifts in the field of health, aggravated by the health crisis

“We are witnessing a resurgence of deceptive and dangerous proposals which can appeal to people distressed, weakened or destabilized by the health crisis”, observes Miviludes, citing several examples: strengthening its immune defenses by fasting, bathing in light “metatronic”, repetition of specific series of numbers, or “protections” practiced by telephone.

The impact of the health crisis is all the more visible as requests addressed to Miviludes mainly concern the health sector, in 38% of cases. “Alongside the regulated health sector, a huge market has developed”, she worries, worried in particular by the development of “food radicalities”, giving rise to practices such as fasting or crudivorism “extreme”.

La Miviludes cites the case of Thierry Casasnovas, leading entrepreneur on the subject with more than 500,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel, on which the Mission has received more than 600 questions and testimonies over the last three years, including 96 in 2020. This makes him the most noted personality to date, for his words “on the care of people with cancer, chronic diseases, and more recently on vaccination policy”.

The prices charged for carrying out this type of “alternative medicine” are often “exorbitant”. For example, she received 13 reports in 2019 and 2020 about practitioners like this professor “which diagnoses and issues medical certificates attesting that a client suffers from electrosensitivity”.

Questionable … and costly coaching methods

In the field of coaching too, expenses can quickly reach very high levels. Over the past five years, referrals relating to personalities who declare themselves to be coaches have tripled to reach 144 in 2018-2020. “Financial commitments are very quick and can reach up to 40,000 euros for a few hours of coaching”, reports Miviludes.

It can be individual coaching, but also“shows”, _“where sometimes up to some 2,000 people can be found_, the prices are differentiated according to the location in the room, the proximity to the leader and some additional privileges granted “, explains the report. “Participants are challenged by deprivation of food, sleep and excess activity “.

I was addicted to their videos. (…) I began to believe that I was a failure and that, without these videos, I would never find happiness.

Coaching also owes its rise to social networks. In a report, it is for example a question of two personal development coaches working on Youtube. Person who says she was under their control says she watched their videos “every day” : “I was addicted to their videos. (…) I began to believe that I was a failure and that, without these videos, I would never find happiness”.

“I feel like I have been brainwashed”, continues the witness who remembers having been encouraged to participate in paid training and conferences and having moved away from part of his entourage by saying to himself that they “were going to miss their lives, but not me”. “I lost in creativity, in confidence in myself (because I no longer thought for myself) and in others”, he sums up.

Concerns about out-of-contract schools

Personal development and alternative medicines are also inviting in the educational field, in particular in non-contract schools, according to Miviludes which notes an increase in reports concerning these booming establishments. The number of children under 10 enrolled in non-contracted schools has doubled over the past five years. For example, Miviludes has received 14 referrals concerning Steiner-Waldorf schools in 2020, where movements such as Anthroposophy are declined.

In the field of education, non-contract schools generate almost half of the reports. They relate “alternative care which increasingly includes the care of children who present behavioral disorders or a handicap, as well as New Age beliefs which develop around” particular “children whose difficulties are interpreted as signs of the advent of a new humanity “, details the report.

In a report, a witness speaks of a “painful experience” in a private school without contract: “The family made significant financial efforts so that the children could benefit from a ‘spiritual and benevolent education’, until the day when they discovered the mental and physical abuse suffered by the oldest son. The hurtful and demeaning words of the headmistress towards him, the lack of supervision, as well as the blows received by the other children, were discovered by the parents “.

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