Kaamelott dethrones Fast & Furious 9 in rooms plagued by the health pass

Kaamelott enters the arena with a bang while Fast & Furious 9 drowns the engine.

Between the holidays and the health pass, admissions to the cinema are starting to look sad. And this although the lineup is full of blockbusters eagerly awaited by fans of various franchises. With a million fewer admissions this week compared to last week, the box office is crumbling. Except for an irreducible who comes to mow the competition as tough as it is.

But in general, it’s a hell of a drop in theater attendance (around 70% according to the first figures). Only France manages to pull out of the game while the big Hollywood machinery wallows gently. Indeed, fans of Kaamelott moved for its arrival in theaters while the big cars of Fast & Furious 9 already seem to have bored.

Whether you like it or not, the crown is yours

Far ahead, on the first step of the podium we find Kaamelott: First part by Alexandre Astier (our critic). The return of King Arthur has maddened the crowds for its first week of operation with a total of 1,015,247 admissions for 807 copies. A real tidal wave for Astier’s film (especially in these troubled times) which directly passes the symbolic million mark, even better than Black Widow and almost as strong as Fast & Furious 9. No more worries for the fans, the trilogy seems to be on track with such success, even if it will be interesting to see the evolution of the operation with the obligation of sanitary pass.

In second place, we find Fast & Furious 9 (our review) coming down from a small place. Not a big drop in the rankings, but a real plunge in terms of entries. Vin Diesel and his clique went from 1,301,589 admissions in the first week to only 248,852 tickets sold for the second week in theaters for no less than 756 copies. A cold shower for the family which risks continuing to attract fewer and fewer spectators with the new products that are emerging.

“What? Are we the stronger?”

On the third step of the podium, Space Jam: New Era (our review) attracted 182,763 spectators for 463 copies for its start. It’s much less than the first part Space Jam carried by Michael Jordan and his boot to 435,703 entries. It must be said that the film with LeBron James did not panic the critics, but given the current climate and the drop in cinema attendance, it is almost an honest score.

In fourth, Black Widow (our review) hangs on, but continues to fall more and more for its third week. Losing two places in the rankings, the Marvel film only reunited 129,821 additional spectators for 649 copies where last week it was still 440,689 curious people who flocked to theaters. With a total of 1,479,510, the film worn by Scarlett Johansson does not panic the counters, but still remains one of the biggest successes of the year in France for the moment.

photo, LeBron JamesIt’s not madness either

Last of the top 5, The Croods 2: A New Era fall from two positions and gains 120,040 entries despite 967 copies available for its third week. It’s half the number of admissions than last week, but The Croods 2 Still approaching the million mark with a total of 908,886 admissions. One thing is certain, it seems impossible to do better than the first part and its total of 2,350,349 admissions in France.

Lower, Old (our review) of M. Night Shyamalan signs its arrival in theaters and attracts 105,841 spectators for 300 copies. We are quite far from the start of Glass in France with its 539,113 admissions, but that’s no surprise. In sixth position, we find Designated guilty Kevin Macdonald who fell from fourth place and attracted only 61,155 curious against 148,446 last week. But knowing that Black Sea, MacDonald’s latest film, has not been released in theaters in France, it’s still not so bad.

photoThey won’t make old bones

In eighth position, we find the Palme d’Or Titanium (our review) which continues to rise for its second week and gains two places in attracting 57,184 spectators for 227 copies. Julia Ducournau’s film then cumulates 145,707 admissions in total and will therefore exceed without worry. Grave and its 149,239 entries.

Behind is placed Ainbo, princess of the Amazon with its 56,993 tickets sold which made it lose only one place. Last of the top 10, Cruella hangs on and still attracts 50,574 curious people, half less than last week. It is probably the end of Emma Stone in the top 10, while the sublime Annette (our reviewer) broke the 200,000 admissions mark after three weeks of operation.

From next week, The Suicide Squad may well take the ranking hostage, even if it will have a lot to do with the generalized health pass. The drop in theater attendance could nip the excitement around the film in the bud (and that’s a shame, because the film is totally crazy). Facing the movie Warner Bros. also happens Jungle Cruise from Disney. It remains to be seen which Harley Quinn or Dwayne Johnson will hit the hardest.

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