The 6 p.m. news – Death of Maxime Beltra: the father of the young man who died after his vaccine testifies

The 6 p.m. news – Death of Maxime Beltra: the father of the young man who died after his vaccine testifies
The 6 p.m. news – Death of Maxime Beltra: the father of the young man who died after his vaccine testifies

It is a death that raises many questions, especially on social networks. One 22 year old young man, Maxime Beltra, died Monday, July 26, a few hours after receiving a first dose of Pfizer, in Sète, in Hérault. At first, the family made the vaccination responsible, but today Maxime’s father, Frédéric Beltra, wants to be more circumspect and wants wait for autopsy results.

“Above all, we want there to be no indecent political recovery. We don’t want our son’s death to be used. Certainly he had a very violent allergic terrain. He has never had edema since he was 7 years old and there it is not an edema that he had it is an explosion of the organism “, explains the father of the victim.”Maxime had had several edemas, we had always solved them very quickly with medicines that we had at home by calling after the firefighters to make sure that there was nothing, ”he adds.

“But there was nothing to stop it. The more we healed him, the more he went to death so that means that there was something else that happened. That’s why we asked for an autopsy because our son was a Greek God. If his death can allow other parents to avoid what we are going through then we will fight to the end so that we know the truth. It’s a pain that we don’t wish on anyone. I will go to the end of scientific research, “he concludes.

Open judicial information

Judicial information is open for determine whether or not the vaccine resulted in death of this young man. The whole day of Monday of Maxime was reconstituted by the investigators in the last hours, from his vaccination at 2 p.m. until his death at 11 p.m. In the meantime there was a meal where the young man would have ingested peanuts, peanuts, to which he was allergic in the past. He had reported it during his vaccination, which had prompted the Sète center to keep him under observation longer after his first dose.

Nine hours between the injection and an allergic reaction such as edema, the specialists contacted by RTL are categorical, it is impossible. In contrast, did the vaccine conflict with a drug given to treat the young man or amplified his allergic reaction? It is the entire chain of causality that investigators must now trace. This will surely require other analyzes than the first autopsy in progress.

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