What we know about the death of Maxime Beltra, who died at 22 after an injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

What we know about the death of Maxime Beltra, who died at 22 after an injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine
What we know about the death of Maxime Beltra, who died at 22 after an injection of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

INQUIRY – Maxime Beltra, a young man aged 22, died Monday, July 26, a few hours after a first injection of Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine. An investigation was opened “in search of the causes of death”.

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A young man with light brown eyes, all smiles in the photos, surrounded by his relatives or posing alone in front of the camera. Since Monday, the photos of Maxime Beltra, 22, have multiplied on social networks.

Originally from Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhône), he died Monday July 26 at 11 p.m., a few hours after receiving a first dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in Sète (Hérault). Since then, many Internet users have questioned the vaccination of the young man, carried out a few hours before his death. LCI takes stock of this sad affair.

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Covid-19: the challenge of vaccination

In a video posted and relayed on social networks by antivax, in particular, a man posing as Frédéric, father of Maxime Beltra, films the vaccination certificate in the name of his son, born October 27, 1998. “He had to go to Greece with his friend, he said in a voiceover. Unfortunately he will not leave (…) following an allergic shock after being vaccinated at 2 p.m. He passed away this evening at 11 pm “.

The father adds: “It is criminal to put on the market vaccines which have not been certified, which have not been verified, which kill 22-year-old young people in great shape with a kind of corruption to vomit from our elites.”

The man who speaks states that he “lost his only son”. “For a virus that kills less than 1% of the population, we are in the process of vaccinating all of humanity with treatments that have never been thoroughly examined and whose side effects we do not know”, he continues before qualifying the “decision makers” of “criminals” and to attack “propaganda media”.

The video has been viewed thousands of times since it was posted, and comments are ringing.

Open judicial information

Contacted by LCI this Wednesday, the Montpellier prosecutor’s office indicates that“a judicial investigation in search of the causes of death has been opened”. “An autopsy will be performed, but it would be unrealistic to think that the autopsy alone would allow a causal link to be established. It will undoubtedly require additional analyzes and medical expertise. We are several months away,” adds the parquet.

The victim had allergies

According to several sources, Maxime Beltra had allergies to certain foods and his death could be due to the ingestion of some of these products. “It is already established that the young man ate, shortly before his death, a food for which he had a known allergy”, confirms a judicial source.

On Monday evening, Maxime Beltra indeed went to the restaurant, before being the victim of angioedema, an allergic reaction which swells the mucous membranes of the neck and can block breathing. Alerted, the firefighters immediately went to the scene. Despite their intervention, they failed to save the young man whose death was declared at 11 p.m.

Many political reactions

Several political figures opposed to the vaccine or the health pass, in particular Florian Philippot and MEP Gilbert Collard, commented on this tragic event on social networks.

“The death of young MaximeBeltra a few hours after being vaccinated is a tragedy. Why so much recklessness? Shouldn’t we stop the vaccinations until we know for sure the cause of death?”, Éwrites Gilbert Collard.

Saturday, several events against the vaccine and the health pass are planned throughout France. Several of the participants have already announced on social networks that they would pay tribute to Maxime Beltra on this occasion.

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