American star Simone Biles explains her crime with “demons in (her) head”

American star Simone Biles explains her crime with “demons in (her) head”
American star Simone Biles explains her crime with “demons in (her) head”
Gymnastics superstar Simone was replaced during the Tokyo Olympics team competition “for medical reasons” on Tuesday, the American Gymnastics Federation said. The rest of her Olympics seems compromised, as the 24-year-old gymnast seeks to glean new gold medals to mark the history of the discipline.

American gymnastics superstar Simone Biles explained her withdrawal from the gymnastics team competition with “demons in (his) head” at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday. “As soon as I step on the mat it’s just me and my head… dealing with demons in my head (…) I have to do what’s right for me and focus on my sanity and not compromise my health and my well-being, ”she told reporters.

Daily examinations

The American Gymnastics Federation said the young athlete “has withdrawn from team competition for medical reasons. Reviews will be carried out daily to determine if she can receive the medical green light for upcoming competitions.”

Replaced in the team competition, Simone Biles watched helplessly as the Russian Olympic Committee won in the final, ahead of the United States and Great Britain. The 24-year-old gymnast, already quadruple Olympic champion in Rio in 2016, aims for new gold medals in Tokyo to enter a little more into the legend of the discipline, and in particular to get closer to the nine titles of the Soviet Larissa Latynina in the years 1950-60.

A parallel with Osaka

Her questioning echoes that expressed by Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka, who withdrew from Roland Garros this year. Coincidentally, Osaka returned to competition on Tuesday after a two-month absence and this painful episode and was eliminated from the Games tennis tournament.


American star Simone Biles explains crime demons

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