VIDEO. Savage boxing fight at La Guillotière, Natacha’s testimony: unheard of!

By Philippe Rifflet
Published on 27 Jul 21 at 8:08

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The crowd formed a circle to draw the ring offered to the wrestlers. (©DR)

Natacha * saw some green ones and some unripe ones Place Gabriel Péri in the district of the Guillotière To Lyon (7th). But that, never!

Monday July 27, 2021, around 8 p.m., just in front of the MacDo, a kind of ring improvised in the middle of a crowd of over a hundred people.

“We quickly understood that this was not a fight as it happens all the time. In these cases, there is always someone to try to separate those who hit each other, there are cries… Tonight (yesterday’s note) it was encouragement… ”Natacha told ActuLyon.

“The master of ceremonies repelled the spectators with a telescopic rod”

Living in the neighborhood for a long time, she saw everything from the savage boxing fight disputed in the middle of the street, which seemed to her very well organized.

There was a sort of master of ceremonies with a telescopic rod with which he pushed people away, to make room for wrestlers. They did two rounds. In all, the fight of completely insane violence must have lasted about ten minutes.

NatachaWitness the savage boxing fight

Practiced in many cities of Ile de France in particular, wild boxing matches are also an opportunity to make bets. A lot of money is traded around improvised rings.

“There I didn’t see that but it had to be, otherwise I don’t see the point. In any case, it was completely insane violence… ”continues Natacha.

I’m not a specialist to say if it was boxing or wrestling, or both at the same time, but in any case, the two guys who got shirtless before starting their fight were slapping each other with their fists. and feet …

Natacha *Witness the savage boxing fight

At one point, the “master of ceremonies” gave the signal to end the game, “and everyone dispersed to Gambetta”. End of the game!

The association fears a “Stalingradization” of the district

Natacha still can’t believe the scene she witnessed. To see if this fight was an isolated initiative or if others will succeed it. In any case, this event will provide an additional piece to the Guillotière file that the Angry Guillotière association will evoke on August 3 during his meeting with the new Security Prefect.

A new opportunity for Nathalie Balmat, its president, to demonstrate the urgency of a strong, in-depth and long-term action in a district in the process of “Stalingradization”, in reference to the situation of the Parisian district which has become the capital of crack.

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