The first autonomous hydrogen and solar house

In Sweden, a former engineer designed a fully self-sufficient house powered by solar energy and hydrogen. Let’s take a tour of the owner with Hans Olof Nilsson, whose invention won over the local authorities.

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Hans Olof Nilsson, a former engineer, designed in Gothenburg, Sweden, the first 100% autonomous house. Guided tour of his home powered by the soleil and thehydrogen as part of the column “They move the lines”, in partnership with Energy Observer Solutions. Act for the sustainable development, it’s not a question of age! In the outskirts of Gothenburg, Hans Olof Nilsson, in his sixties from Sweden, built the world’s first fully self-contained house in energy, powered by the sun and hydrogen.

The habitat of the future is in Sweden

In Gothenburg, industrial engineer Hans Olof Nilsson created the first fully energy self-sufficient house. It is a smart home which also uses the same technologies as our ship. The house has 160 m2 of solar panels. They allow the latter to be supplied with electricity directly throughout the year. When energy needs decrease, the excess electricity is used to power a hydrogen fuel cell. Hans Olof Nilsson has an electrolyser allowing him to create and store his own hydrogen. In addition to being self-sufficient in energy, the house is equipped with a unique technology allowing it to better regulate the interior temperature and thus achieve large energy savings.

Hans Olof Nilsson explains how his installation works. Let’s visit this house which is “off-grid” all year round despite the 5 winter months. © Energy Observer productions

A smart-grid that gives ideas

His house has been off-grid since March 2015. The Swedish authorities were won over by the ingenuity of this approach. In 2017, the municipality of Vågårda decided to seek the expertise of Hans Olof Nilsson for the renovation 172 social housing units. She wants these homes to use the same technologies as the Nilsson house.

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