TOKYO 2020 – Japan – France LIVE

TOKYO 2020 – Japan – France LIVE
TOKYO 2020 – Japan – France LIVE




JAPAN – FRANCE (64-64)

New long-distance basket for Japan … Fortunately for the Blue, Sandrine Gruda shows her composure by equalizing in stride at the low post.

Tokyo 2020

Japan – France LIVE VIDEO


JAPAN – FRANCE (61-62)

Only three minutes left! This end of the match will be unbreathable …

JAPAN – FRANCE (61-62)

The two teams live a moment of total success! Endy Miyem responds to Saki Hayashi behind the three-point line.

JAPAN – FRANCE (58-57)

But Moeko Nagaoka draws directly at three points. The standoff continues!

JAPAN – FRANCE (55-57)

Beautiful counter-attack finished by Sarah Michel, who puts France in charge.

JAPAN – FRANCE (55-55)

What a pass from Michel! The French back defends short of a laser pass during his drive to Miyem, who was playing the back door on the opposite side. The Blue are coming back to height!

JAPAN – FRANCE (55-53)

Superb drive from Gabby Williams, who rolls up her defender to register two points in penetration.

JAPAN – FRANCE (55-51)

Big three-point shot from Maki Takada, which allows Japan to regain two possessions in advance.

JAPAN – FRANCE (52-51)

Good defense of Gabby Williams, which causes a passage in force of Mawuli.

JAPAN – FRANCE (52-51)

The Blues finally seem to understand that it is necessary to attack Japan under the circle. Two easy points for Helena Ciak, with the help of the board.

JAPAN – FRANCE (52-49)

END OF THE 3RD QUARTER TIME. Ten extremely complicated minutes for the France team, who can thank Sandrine Gruda for being only three small points behind before starting the last act. Unable to stop the speed of Japanese execution, the Blue will have to increase their defensive intensity and find solutions in attack not to experience a great disillusion.

JAPAN – FRANCE (51-49)

Gruda continues his festival with a new mid-range shot at the end of possession! Les Bleues come back to two short lengths.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-47)

Superb interception of Gabby Williams on a Japanese ball lift, which allows him to register two points completely alone under the circle.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-45)

Hard blow for Japan! Nako Motohashi comes off the pitch with a big knee pain after Williams unintentionally falls on his leg.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-45)

Gruda again! The Blue can thank their interior, which leaves them in the game with its fadeaway at the low post.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-43)

Sandrine Gruda stops the bleeding with a new shot from the low post.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-41)

Everything is going badly for the France team. Gabby Williams is penalized in a breakthrough after trying to make room in the racket with the help of her elbow.

JAPAN – FRANCE (49-41)

Completely forgotten in the right corner, Rui Machida continues to widen the gap with a clear three-point shot. The Blue are outdated …

JAPAN – FRANCE (44-39)

Finally served at the low post, Sandrine Gruda takes advantage of her size to score under the circle.

JAPAN – FRANCE (44-37)

Marine Fauthoux scored the first French point in the third quarter.

JAPAN – FRANCE (42-36)

Saki Hayashi scored one of his two shots to give Japan two big possessions.

JAPAN – FRANCE (41-36)

TIME-OUT FRANCE. Valérie Garnier logically stops the game to talk to her players, who can not get back into the game. Japan have been 7-0 since the restart.

JAPAN – FRANCE (41-36)

First gap for Japan. Rui Machida had fun in the French defense and went off to score two easy points in penetration.

JAPAN – FRANCE (39-36)

New loss of ball for the French team for violation of 24 seconds. The Blues have been playing completely backwards since the return from the locker room …

JAPAN – FRANCE (38-36)

Yet correctly served by Marine Johannes at the top post, Chartereau completely unscrews his shot at mid-distance.

JAPAN – FRANCE (37-36)

Taking advantage of a loss of ball from Tchatchouang, Moeko Nagaoka files two points on the counterattack.

JAPAN – FRANCE (35-36)

One in two for Nagaoka on the throwing line.

JAPAN – FRANCE (34-36)

HERE WE GO AGAIN. The first possession of this third quarter is French, but Chartereau misses his long distance attempt.

JAPAN – FRANCE (34-36)

HALF TIME. A mixed first period for the France team, which only leads by two small points against Japan at the break. Very well into their match, Sandrine Gruda’s teammates (6 pts) were caught up by the speed of execution of their opponents, who did not hesitate to draw three points (5/15).

JAPAN – FRANCE (34-36)

Last possession for Japan. But Okoye is penalized for spending three seconds in the tricolor racket.

JAPAN – FRANCE (33-36)

Served at the low post, Endy Miyem causes a fault and obtains two throws, which she scores.

JAPAN – FRANCE (33-32)

But Miyazawa responds to him in the next action!

JAPAN – FRANCE (30-32)

Three-point miyem! Completely forgotten after a Pick and Pop, Endy Miyem finds herself alone behind the arc. It’s in!

Gabrielle Williams during France-Japan

Credit: Getty Images

JAPAN – FRANCE (30-29)

The defensive activity of the Japanese, who do not hesitate to take the French ball carrier together, terribly annoys the Blue. Duchet loses the ball.

JAPAN – FRANCE (30-29)

TIME-OUT FRANCE. Logically, Valérie Garnier stops the game to reprimand her troops, who leave too many easy baskets in Japan.

JAPAN – FRANCE (30-29)

What a defensive oversight from the France team, which allows Machida to score two easy points with a drive …

JAPAN – FRANCE (28-29)

The Japanese continue to artillery from afar. And it succeeds in Naho Miyoshi, who brings his team back to a small point.

JAPAN – FRANCE (25-29)

Very nice move by Alix Duchet, who takes advantage of a screen from Gruda to find herself alone halfway.

JAPAN – FRANCE (25-27)

Nanako Todo causes Johannes to foul and succeeds in both free throws.

JAPAN – FRANCE (23-27)

JOHANNES STARTS TO WARM UP! The scorer of the France team has fun between the screens before drawing just in front of the three-point line in catch and shoot!

JAPAN – FRANCE (21-25)

The Japanese have switched to off-road defense. This does not prevent Marine Johannes from scoring a nice floater facing the circle!

JAPAN – FRANCE (19-23)

What a collective movement of the Blues! Served under the circle, Chartereau quickly brought the ball out to the opposite side, where Alix Duchet was, alone in the corner.

JAPAN – FRANCE (19-20)

Superbly served by Marine Johannes in and out, Alexia Chartereau scores easily with the help of the board.

JAPAN – FRANCE (19-18)

Japan is taking the lead! Very good passage from the host country, who registered a new long distance basket through Evelyn Mawuli.

JAPAN – FRANCE (16-18)

Forgotten behind the arc of a circle, Nako Motohashi draws three points facing the circle: string.

JAPAN – FRANCE (13-18)

One in two on the free throw line for Valeriane Ayayi.

JAPAN – FRANCE (13-17)

END OF FIRST QUARTER TIME. Very well started in its match, the France team is playing on its size advantage to register many points inside, in particular through Sandrine Gruda (6 pts). But Japan, hampered by the defensive impact of the Blue, still managed to return to two small possessions at the end of regulation time.

JAPAN – FRANCE (13-17)

The penetrations of Evelyn Mawuli hurt the defense of the Blue. Four consecutive points for her.

JAPAN – FRANCE (11-17)

Marine Johannes is lacking success at three points: zero out of two for the French scorer.


JAPAN TIMEOUT. The coach of the host country, Thomas Hovasse, stops the game after another basket under the circle of Helena Ciak. The Japanese can not find a way to score regularly against the defensive aggressiveness of the Blue (3/15 shooting).


Nice counter-attack ended with a first intention shot from Marine Johannes!


Les Bleues try to take advantage of their size advantage by pounding inside. But Helena Ciak is seen hissing a walk.


Miyazaki made a success of his two free throws to put Japan back to two possessions.


The Japanese have a lot of difficulty making their way through the tricolor racquet. Very good start to the game for the Bleues.


Sandrine Gruda is starting to heat up! Second successful mid-distance shot for the pivot of the Blue.


Marine Johannes comes into play to energize the French attack, and this is materialized directly by a basket of Gruda at the high post.


Left completely alone behind the arc, Gabby Williams sends the first long distance shot of the France team.


What against Gabby Williams! Unfortunately, Japan scored three points on the next possession.


The two teams defend particularly roughly at the start of the match. Himawari Akako and Sarah Michel nevertheless manage to answer each other in penetration.


First basket for the French team! After an offensive rebound, Sandrine Gruda quietly scores under the circle.


Served at the low post, Sandrine Gruda is countered from behind by Akako. No success on both sides of the field at the start of the match.


LET’S GO ! The interval has just been won by Sandrine Gruda and the France team.

02h57. Both teams have completed their warm-up. Make way for national anthems!

02h55. The holders are known. Valérie Garnier’s 5 major is made up of Alix Duchet, Sarah Michel, Endy Miyem, Sandrine Gruda and Gabby Williams.

02h52. The other match in this group B will see Nigeria oppose the United States at 6:40 am.

02h50. These two teams have already met 13 times in their history. Slight advantage to the France team with seven wins. But the last meeting, during the group stage of the 2016 Olympics, turned to the advantage of the Japanese team.

02h47. A natural contender for the podium, the French team finished second at the London Olympic Games in 2012, before a disappointing fourth place at the last Olympiad, in Rio, in 2016.

02h45. Japan will appear without its big star Ramu Tokashiki, pivot in WNBA, who still has not recovered from a serious knee injury which occurred last December.

02h42. Anyway, the Blue will have to work to overcome the host country and offer themselves full of confidence for their most complicated duel against the United States at the end of this group B, which will take place this Monday August 2.

02h38. Have the vice-champions of Europe already digested their disappointment against Serbia in the Euro final? Answer in a few minutes, on the floor of the Saitama Super Arena.

02h35. Good evening everyone. Welcome to Eurosport to follow the live commentary of the first meeting of the French women’s basketball team during the 2020 Olympic Games. Les Bleues start their competition against Japan.

Tokyo 2020

For selfies, there is a match with Djoko: in Tokyo, the Doncic-mania is running at full speed


Tokyo 2020

Touré sends the Blue to the quarter-finals


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