will there be a septaine at the CHT, to facilitate the hiring of pe

will there be a septaine at the CHT, to facilitate the hiring of pe
will there be a septaine at the CHT, to facilitate the hiring of pe

The question should be asked on July 27 at a government collegiality meeting. A measure intended to facilitate the hiring of medical personnel, while the hospital is increasingly short of doctors.

Stop the bleeding of nursing staff, this is the goal of a possible septaine at the CHT. This idea was raised recently. In June, hospital practitioners had already sounded the alarm and circulated a petition. Health restrictions, they say, are “a brake on new recruitments” and potentially, a reason for leaving Caledonia, for nearly one in five doctors.

Faced with the saturation of hotels requisitioned for the fortnight (600 people maximum) or the paying devices, the hospital therefore proposes to create a septaine, within the Médipôle itself. A model inspired by the plant in the North, which already uses its base, to confine its workers arriving from abroad.

Who is this septaine for?

At this stage, it is mainly medical personnel that the hospital needs. But in an internal email sent to the management – an email that NC La 1ère was able to obtain – the establishment medical commission specifies that “any vaccinated agent of public hospitals having leave rights” may benefit from the septaine at the CHT, subject to “the agreement of his head of department or the executive.”

In other words, it concerns both nursing staff and administrative staff. They will be able to make this septaine request “during the next 6 months” for them and for their “family living in Caledonia”, but also for “for one or two members of (their) family in the first degree.”

What organization for the septaine at the CHT?

On the CHT side, everything has already been anticipated. 28 rooms on the third floor would be made available for this septaine, with beds that the hospital has in reserve. By domino effect, the Covid sampling center and occupational medicine, which occupied this space, should move. A meeting should be organized soon to set the terms of this septaine, which should be able to benefit the entire hospital community of the three establishments.

All this remains for the moment in the conditional, since this proposal of the hospital has yet to obtain the green light from the government and this was to be precisely the last point discussed this Tuesday, July 27, in collegiality.

The fact remains that this exceptional regime risks opening a breach in the health system. Other professions can declare themselves just as legitimate to benefit from this measure.


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